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10 Easiest Ways to Earn Extra Income From Home

10 Easiest Ways to Earn Extra Income From Home

10 Easiest Ways to Earn Extra Income From Home

I make jewelry to sell on Etsy. I sometimes use the site to sell antiques and vintage items too. I’ve had pretty good success without even really trying. If I were to market myself a bit I’m sure I’d do even better.

That’s awesome Dawn. I have a friend who sells regularly on Etsy as well. There are so many opportunities that are available for us to make money online now that wern’t available in our parents generation. We are truly a blessed culture.

These tips are good and handy.

Thanks for this encouraging list. I’m hoping to work on some of these ideas with my girls!

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I’ve been looking into stuff like this. Would love to make some extra $! Thanks for the tips!

Great list. We just opened an Etsy shop and are trying to figure out how to promote it effectively. I’m hoping we can get it going well. Thanks for the other ideas.

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Thanks for the great list!

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Thank you for sharing your tips. I found your link to Affiliate Marketing the most helpful to me and my website.

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Thank you for the great article. You gave me some new ideas that I never thought about, like writing posts for the examiner. I will try it!!

Thank you


This is an excellent list of ideas! Another thing you can do for extra money is usability testing. It’s sounds very techy, but it isn’t. Anyone can do it. Basically you just visit websites and provide your feedback on their usability – usually via your webcam. Companies like User Feel and What Users Do pay around $10 per test and it only takes about 15 minutes to do them.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for all these wonderful and useful ideas! Keep doing what you are doing:)

I am definitely going to have to check out the info on affiliate links–those are still a bit mysterious to me. I’ve tried to make money using the online polls but always lose steam about a week in and don’t bank on any rewards.

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A good place to start affiliate marketing is Ebates and Amazon. Also, this post might help How to Get Started Making Money with Affiliate Marketing.

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Another survey site that is great is called Tellwut : )

So many people forget about reselling old items. Even though it may seem like a lot of work it is definitely worth the reward. Plus, you can de-clutter your home and make money!

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Yes! Love that. I do this all the time to save money and get a lot of my things for free. I do that from everything from my kids clothes to my furniture and just trade up as I go.

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We moved last year and the boxes we didn’t unpack at the end of the year we went through and sold on eBay. We made over $400. I have continued this when the steam cleaner broke. I parted it out and sold individual pieces, same thing with my old digital camera. I sold the battery charger, transfer cable, case, manual, even the box to a pawn shop for $10! In the end I made $15 less than what I originally paid for the camera.

Yup, that’s how you do it! Great job Katy. That is awesome!

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Thanks so much for this list of resources.

I just recently started writing for a company online. It doesn’t pay well in the beginning, but I am hoping to do better soon. Other than the pay being tiny, the experience has been good so far.

Blessings to you and yours, Sarah!

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Hi Sarah, thank you SO so much for your generous offerings of help here on your website! It really is a blessing to have encouragement from others in this very interesting industry of the online world! I personally LOVE to write and would love to publish a book someday. For now, I am just working hard to gain a following on my blog as well as maybe somehow make money on it. I am a wife and mommy who is privileged to stay home with 2.5 year old daughter and expecting a son in 6 weeks. It is my heart to write about the following topics: Parenting, homemaking, food & cooking, lifestyle, and just simple spiritual truths based on my faith in Jesus Christ. I have started to think that maybe a lot of blogging success (gaining followers and making some money) comes with the use of actual, tangible “product”. From what it sounds like, there are other ways as well (I enjoyed reading about your references to Fiverr and affiliates such as RescueTime). Perhaps you would be able to look at my blog site and see if you have any suggestions for improvement or change. Or maybe it’s just the way I am doing things.

Thank you again so much Sarah!


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Thank you for sharing Jessica. Yeah, I do not have a product of my own out at all, so I wouldn’t say you have to have one to make money. If you are looking for extra help, check out my blog coaching page here.

Sarah recently posted…8 Tips for Affording to Live on One Income

Thank you SO much Sarah for your reply! I will check that out!!

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I have seen your blog a few times, but this is my kind of post. I am looking to find some new sources of income this year. Right now my only consistent one is Shutterstock, and I uploaded the majority of my images in 2007-2008. The beauty of that is I still earn an average of $30/month for doing nothing. I just got my highest sale in Jan 2015 of $70 for a single download. I also just sold my first item on eBay (never knew you could get so much for nursing bras!) and will be selling more from around the house that we just don’t need!

That’s really cool about getting paid for your pictures!

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I would like to know more about affiliate marketing. I’ve been looking into it for several months and most of what I find is confusing or programs that cost a lot of money. Is going through one of these expensive programs the only way to get started?

I wouldn’t personally suggest paying to learn about affiliate marketing. There’s not a whole lot to it…but there are different ways of going about it depending if you are a blogger or not. Let me know a little more about the situation, how you see affiliate marketing fitting into your life, and I can share some ideas to get you going.

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I have sold lots of things on Ebay – but NEVER thought of selling things as “replacement parts” – this is GENIUS!!!!! Thank you for sharing this tip!!!

You’re welcome. Sometimes replacement parts can get you a lot more money!

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Hi Sarah!

I just subscribed to your blog a few weeks ago. Your website is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. My special skill is typing. I type 65 wpm. I was also a bilingual school teacher, an insurance saleswoman and now a SAHM. Can you give me names of data entry companies or any type of businesses that seek workers that match my skills. I have searched the internet and haven’t found many data entry companies.

I greatly appreciate any help. Keep up the great work!

Hi Sarah! Thanks for all the great tips for making money at home. I’d like more information about taking surveys, secret shopping and writing reviews. Would love to find out how to make extra income from one or all of these sources. Thanks!

Sounds great Dina. I’ll definitely be going way more in-depth this year. It’s a lot to put out there, so please be patient with me.

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I loved this list! I have seen so many lists that all have the same ideas…yours is way more unique.

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Thank you Emily…that’s what I strive for.

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Hello! Great blog post! I would like more information on how to make money blogging. I plan to start a blog this summer. Thank you!

Sounds like a lot of fun! Here’s a post on How to Start a Blog that will really help you out.

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Hello! I’m a first time visitor! The Work At Home Wife posted this article on her Facebook page and I clicked on it! I am curious about selling things on Ebay. How would you recommend getting started to a newbie? I am familiar with Ebay, just have been hesitant on trying to sell anything because of the fees involved and shipping. Always thought that unless you have a lot to sell or items of significant value that after fees and shipping it wouldn’t be worth it. Could you provide some insight, or do you already have a blog post addressing it? Thank you!

Glad you found me Layne. Right now, you’ll want to check out the eBay section here. Soon, I’ll have a whole course on how to make a living on eBay, so be sure to check back often.

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if u sell on ebay – NEVER, EVER ship anything without tracking info. if the item is of significant value always get insurance on ur package. try to avoid selling outside the US. I was BURNED on 3 sales of three iPhones to 3 different ppl – oddly enuf all in Russia. i didn’t get proper tracking from USPS because I hadn’t charged enough shipping. Lesson learned.

I would agree completely. NEVER ship anything without tracking. You can’t put tracking on a standard envelope, so I use bubble mailers and you can on that. It’s more expensive, but depending on the item, it’s worth it. If you don’t send with tracking, I guarantee, the buyer will lie and say they didn’t get it 9 out of 10 times. Protect yourself. I always insured anything over $30 personally, and I never once sold outside of the USA, whereas all my competitors were and I still got more sales. Once the package leaves the USA, they have a “hard time tracking it” according to what I was told by USPS. I never messed with it. I didn’t ship to army addresses either because I had issues with them (even inside of the USA). There are even scams where the companies have a USA address and then you send it there, and then they ship it onto another person in another country. Kind of like a middle man. I didn’t ship there either. I was pretty particular because, like you said, too many scams. With that said, you CAN still make a fantastic more than full time income on eBay (I did before I started blogging full time!)

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I would love to learn how to make extra money. I’m a little afraid of Craigslist because of safety. I’d love to learn more about each platform. Thanks for the info.

I can definitely understand the Craigslist issue. You can also sell on Facebook groups or local newspapers. I like Facebook groups because you know who you’re meeting, but I google every Craigslister too. Most people have Facebook accounts and you can learn a LOT by that.

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I have been trying for years to find a place that I can get a typing job that I can do from home. I type 60 wpm. Where they send me work through mail or whatever then I type and send back to them. The few I found I have to pay. Do u know any places? I am I. California. I would really appreciate it. I have three kids in school and have to drop off and pick up and don’t have access to carpools. I need something I can do on my own time. Thank u so much

Great question Cathy. I don’t know of any places personally that do that sort of thing, but I do have some resources where you can use your typing skills and make about $20-$30/hour. It is absolutely something you can do in your free time. I’ll create a post to teach all about it this fall.

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Sarah, Thank you for all your help on working from home…. I have a question about ShutterStock…They ask for a copy of my Drivers Liscence… I have never been asked that before…Are you involved in this company and can you vouch for them?? Thank you, Teri

Teri, they are a solid company and one you can trust, however, to be sure it’s not a spoofing trick. I would log in manually by typing out their name in your browser. Sometimes people pretending to be companies will contact you to collect information they will use against you. The way to avoid that is by NOT logging in through an email, but manually.

Thanks for sharing these great tips. I’m inspired by your blog. I am an aspiring new blogger and hope to achieve even 100 viewers, lol. Thank you again.

Glad that you found it inspiring. I would highly encourage you to get on WordPress if you’re trying to make a blog that you eventually want to earn money from.

Hi Sarah!

For some crazy reason anytime I try to follow any of your boards it says that I have been blocked. I love your blog and all the great advice you have given. I am taking the plunge on leaving my job and blogging full time. i hope that I can keep getting great advice from you. My Pinterest is Chandra@The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen

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Thank you so much for letting me know Chandra. Wow, your site is beautiful. I’m not sure why you were blocked on Pinterest. I’ve heard several others saying the same thing, but I can’t figure out what’s going on. So glad that you let me know. I unblocked you. Hopefully it won’t happen again! I’m so sorry!

Sarah Titus recently posted…How to Start a Home Business When You Have No Money

I am so excited to be starting as a blogger! I’m going to start with a free theme and in 2 weeks upgrade to a paid theme. I don’t know my niche though! Can you help me narrow it down?

Annie, great question. As previously discussed, that’s something I would recommend you get personalized coaching on.

Sarah Titus recently posted…15 Easy-to-Sign-Up Sites That Make You Side Cash

Thanks again for another great post!

Seems like I write, bake, blog, post, and I am doing it for crickets. haha.

I need some upbeat inspiration — and I just found my cheerleader.

Thank you.

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If you’ve been blogging at least 6 months, I would consider purchasing a blog critique. It *sounds like* you might need that personalized coaching to get you past being stuck and I see some things that can be holding you back on your blog. If that’s something you’re interested in, simply contact me for details.

Sarah Titus recently posted…9 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Current Host

I would love to find out about companies hiring for typing. I can type about 60wpm.

I would try Upwork or Fiverr for that.

Sarah Titus recently posted…9 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Current Host

I am new to the stay at home mom idea. I know I want to be at home with my daughter and now am looking at things I can do from home. I am looking into becoming a Virtual Assistant and launching my own business in that field. Would you have any tips for a stay at home mom trying to figure out how to start a new online based business?

I would say to get to know the bloggers you want to work for inside and out. If you could prove to them you know them and offer your services at a discounted rate to begin, and if you are serious to stick with being a VA for a while, I know there are a lot of bloggers looking for that. The biggest advice I would have is not to take on too many clients. Better to work for a few, than many. The biggest pitfall I see is that a VA will take on too many bloggers, and there’s no way you can remember how each blogger likes things done, so there’s a lot of turnover. My assistant is required to work solely for me as part of our contract. I give her so many hours per week for my end of the deal and that increases over time because I want someone to grow WITH me. Because of this, because she knows my blog inside and out, and because she “gets” me, she is super important and I’m SO thankful to have her. You want to be THAT for someone. Because those kind of dedicated VA’s are few and it would set you apart immediately. Those are the kind of VA’s all my blogging friends are looking for and CONSTANTLY ask me if I know anyone.

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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your effort. I do crochet.

This is a great article that gives me some new information as well as information that I have heard about and tried. My interest is crafts and writing, I prefer a way of making money without customer service.

I’ve started so many free blogs (Blogger and WordPress) because I get these ideas that I’m going to grow into a huge blog one day…then I fizzle out.

Can you point me in the direction of some blog posts that help with scheduling my time and figuring out WHAT to blog about?

I’m a home school mom, so I can’t work while the kids are in school!

I’m starting to get very overwhelmed with all of the great information you’re sharing on your site!

One last thing, how can I start without paying a bunch up front? i know to start a business one needs to put money into it first…but we don’t have extra cash to throw towards something, as my husband says “might work.”

If you want to have a hobby blog or a blog where you are expressing yourself for family and friends, there’s no reason to invest money into something like that. There are many options that are free. However, if it’s your plan to make money blogging and want to be a professional blogger, you have to invest, there’s no going around it. I have a post here where I lay out all the absolute needs with no fillers or fluff and how you can start for under $350. About not making it, I can understand that, but who determines you don’t make it? If you work it hard and long enough and have an attitude like you won’t fail, you’re going to make it happen, it will. I address all your concerns in my Most Common Blogging Questions Answered page. I’d encourage you to check it out here.

Sarah Titus recently posted…Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

I always love your posts! I put survey taking aside so I could focus on my blog. I know it wont be easy, but I think it will be worth it!

Hi Sarah

Thanks for sharing this. One of the question is what ideas or suggestions is how to sell photos on canvas? Or I live in Maine so I take lots of pictures like the oldest bridge standing aka Deer isle / Segdwick bridge. These are just some of the ideas. I know I am looking for ways to earn extra income to pay off debts or save for vacation or even save for my kids college. Any info would be grateful. Thanks.

I am trying to leave a comment on another part of your pages here and it won’t let me. It seems broke and keeps giving an error code. It was under not shopping at Walmart and dollar stores and then I went on to another section about how you started saving money doing this. I sure hope this msg. Goes through. I was going to paste the msg. Here but can’t get it to post.


I’m sorry you are having trouble Shirley. This one went through.

Sarah Titus recently posted…How I Started Making Over $23,000/m My Second Year Blogging

I love it! I love writing, taking pictures etc. a little shy about videos but starting. Thank you so much for your inspiration! I hope we can to meet someday and collaborate in something blessings

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I’ve been reading a couple of your blog articles today, and I have no idea what a VA group is on facebook? Thanks (and I like your blog!)

Love your info. I’m retired with back problems but hate not working but worse hate not having income to do things. I’m seriously considering something online. I am a teacher and I see and quilt so there had to be a call for some of my skills.

I think a lot of the teaching skills would come in handy.

Sarah Titus recently posted…Top 25 Best Survey Companies

Very interesting. I would love to make money from home so I can be with my kids and so I can pay off my student loans. Not sure how to do this though. I love to sew and make things. I have a ton of items I would love to sell online rather than drop off at the local thrift store.

I would love to start earning $ at home so I have a steady income once I retire in 2019.

I am a Medical Transcriptionist presently.

Hi Sarah!!

I would love to know more about blogging, and doing consumer reviews. Being recently divorced and a Mom of a beautiful 12 year old Princess, I am in need of a second income. But I just don’t know how to get started.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!


Tammy Ries


My name is Noor. I am a mother of 3 months old baby. Love to work. I want to support my husband and would look forward to complete my Masters as well. I wished if you could advise me on the job I could do to earn from home. Please advise.

Thank you

Hi Sarah, I know first hand about the feeling of being rejected, unlovable, etc! My husband had an affair, it turned my life upside-down! I’m going through some trials right now, but I have to learn the lessons God wants me to learn, so I’m trying to shut my mouth and let Him take control! It’s not easy, but it’s what needs to happen. Yes I’m sad, and hurt, and I can never trust him again, but I can’t carry that anger around anymore; it’s made me someone I don’t want to be! I’m sorry you have been having problems too! But God has better things in store for you, and me! You are in my prayers, hang in there, you’re gonna be just fine! You’re smart, beautiful, talented, and a good person! There’s nothing wrong with us! God will send us the right people when the time is right! Have Faith! Your doing great! God Bless!

Sincerely, Gale from New Hampshire!

Gale, thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me while YOU are in some heavy trials in your life. That speaks to your amazing soul. I believe absolutely everything you said. Things don’t always happen the way we want them to, but as a Christian, they always happen for our best. Looking back at it, although I wouldn’t chose divorce, my ex-husband leaving WAS the best thing for me and my family. God plans to use this little life of mine for His glory in some pretty astounding ways. I’m ready….and I’m praying for you as well. <3

I am looking to earn money being a stay at home mom. This is all new for me and I struggled going back to work and found for my sons best interest I would stay at home for a while until he is older. The problem is it is a little tough going from two incomes to one. I feel bad not helping out financially any advice to how I should help out more financially and what opportunity I have bein a stay at home mom earning money


I would just say that if your husband doesn’t have a problem with it and you are able to cover bills, then don’t feel guilty. Raising your son is more important than having extra money, in my opinion. You can always make more money…but you absolutely cannot make more time with your son. With that said, if you want to make money from home, there are many ways, but just keep a balanced perspective. Don’t go overboard trying to make money from home that your son doesn’t see his mom WHILE you are home. Does that make sense?

Sarah Titus recently posted…How to Instantly Increase Your Traffic Today

How do I start blogging? Where do I start; is there a website? Lol. I’m very interested in making money at home.

Lea, I would start with this post here to see if blogging is right for you. Please keep in mind that blogging is not about making money. It’s about helping others. While there is good money to be made, if a new blogger has a inaccurate perspective of what the blogging world is about, they can easily end up just wasting their time. I’d do a lot of research on it. There’s a lot of blogging information on this site in the navigation bar under blogging or by clicking here. All the best to you in your decision. <3

Sarah Titus recently posted…15 Things I Don’t Spend Money On

Can you explain ebates for me? I signed up from your link and I had someone sign up from my referral link and it still says I haven’t invited anyone. Also they have the referral going if someone signs up under someone and spends $25 they will receive $10 is that just for a short time or always?

You should see the referral credit after they spend their first $25 through any merchant. If they have and you don’t see it, I would contact Ebates. They are wonderful and never cheat out of money or anything. I’ve been with them 7 years. That special is ongoing.

Sarah Titus recently posted…Household Binder: Bible Reading Plan

Hey Sarah! I have to tell you that out of countless blogs I’ve read, yours is the most inspiring. I truly had tears in my eyes and feel like “I can do it”. I’ve wanted for a few years to try a blog. I have a friend that has often prompted me to give it a go, and every time I let the negatives cloud my mind, and I’d chicken out… Fearing failure. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me, bugging you for advice!! Thank you!!

Lacey, better to try and fail than not try at all. At least IF you did fail, you’d know for sure and can move on to something else. It’s always how I look at everything. I say…Go for it!

Sarah Titus recently posted…How to Get Your Household Products Free {Without Coupons}

As a single stay-at-home-mom, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the myriad of ways in which to earn extra income from home, which I’ve done for the past 18 years! Here are my top 10 favorites.

1) Sell stuff around the house on eBay

Most people have no idea how much clutter, cough cough, I mean, priceless heirlooms, they have laying around the house. If you’re not using it, why not put that money in your saving account? This is how I look at it. Everything in your home has two price tags on it. What it’s worth to you…and what it’s worth to someone else. Many times, we overprice our own stuff. But, there are lots of times where things sitting around the house can fetch us some good money.

Here’s a great example…

This spring as I was de-cluttering my home, I found a children’s board game that I wanted to sell. Of course before I donate or sell anything, I always check eBay. The board game itself, as a complete deal went for $15 on eBay. Not good in my opinion, considering I’d have to spend about $8-$10 to ship it, then add 16% eBay/Paypal fees, and I’m looking at a whopping $2.60 profit. Not really worth the time.

Now being on eBay so long, I also know to search out replacement parts. You see, in many cases, you actually make MORE selling replacements parts than the item as a complete set. Totally weird, I know, but it’s true.

So, I searched and sure enough, I could make $35 by splitting it up. I made 5 small lots and made about $25 in profits.

$25 for one single board game = totally worth my time.

So, the next time you are searching for eBay for some things to sell, keep in the back of your mind that many times, splitting up your item, may just fetch you a much prettier penny!

Really, I’ve seen all kinds of things sell on eBay. I’m sure you have some old textbooks or books laying around that may be worth some money.

Half.com is great for selling books. I’ve seen people sell melted snow for thousands, I’ve seen large 3\u2033 dust bunnies sell for $10. I’ve seen coffee mugs and old plates go for upwards of $50. Why I’ve even seen someone take apart an old mattress and sell the inner springs, a set of 10 for $30! The rarer the item is, the more money you can get. Be creative; let your imagination go wild and research everything first.

2) Affiliate Marketing

This is a super quick way to make cash. Simply share with your friends the things that you love. Two of my favorite companies are ePantry and Ebates. Both companies give you $10 and your friend gets $10 each and every single time. This adds up super quickly! As you can from my account screenshot below, I’ve earned $1,943.33 from Ebates thus far (I’ve been with them for a few years now) and if you get into referrals, you can earn a LOT more (I earned $2,000 this quarter JUST in referral bonuses from Ebates!). It’s DEFINITELY worth your time to sign up. You earn cash back on all your purchases as well. If you tend to forget to go through Ebates before shopping online, I like to stick a post-it note to my computer so I always remember. Once you get past $1k, trust me, you’ll start remembering! LOL.

Having trouble finding affiliate programs to join? I hear ya! You can spend weeks searching for different affiliate products to recommend and make money on OR you can click here to get my free eBook, Huge Affiliate Products Resource List for Lifestyle Bloggers!

3) Resell

Buy for less and sell for more. This is pretty common and one of my least favorite ways to make money because it is so time consuming, but it seems to be pretty popular, so I will include it. However, if your strapped for cash, you can even go to Craigslist and find curb alerts, get the free stuff, fix it up and sell it. The possibilities are endless. You can restore old furniture. You can sell clothing, toys, repair vacuums, anything really. Anything you can get for a cheaper price, sell it for fair market value, you profit. It’s as simple as that.

4) Monetize your skills

Maybe you can type 65 wpm like me. Maybe you’re really good at English grammar and can proofread. Maybe you have a knack for fixing computer issues, setting up WordPress blogs. Maybe you love creating beautiful pictures on photo editing software. Whatever it is that you like to do and your good at, you can monetize. A couple of the sites to use for this are Fiverr and Odesk. Check out this seller on Fiverr who paid off his student loans with money he made on the site!5) Sell your photos

If you love photography and would like to make some money, you can become a contributor on Shuttershock or BigStockPhoto. It is free to join and you can get anywhere from 25¢-$75 per download!

6) Sell handmade items on Etsy

Do you like to sew? Maybe you create clay sculptures. Whatever you hand make, you can sell on Etsy. A friend of mine makes purses and sells them on Etsy and at craft fairs. Especially around Christmas-time, craft fairs can make good money!

7) Write posts and reviews for cash

If you love to write, you can submit articles on Examiner.com. I know a couple who makes $300/month solely writing articles, posts, and reviews for the site. There are a lot of other places to make money writing posts. You can get involved in Facebook groups for VA’s and find jobs, assignments, and even steady blogs to write for!

8) Survey Companies – List of Top 25 Best

Did you know that when a company is wanting to release a new product, they hire companies, who hire you, to test the products and/or give them feedback for your opinions! There are MANY scammer survey companies out there, please be advised. One of my favorite survey companies is Pinecone Research. I was with them for a good 7 years before stopping last year. It is hard to get into their database, so if you ever see their name in an ad, join right away. (UPDATE: CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for Male (get hubby to join), Hispanic, African American, are between the ages of 18-24, or live in Canada! HURRY!)

Other legitimate companies (not the whole list of course, there are literally thousands of companies, but these are the top 25 best):


Pinecone Research – best survey company on the planet (hiring NOW!)

FusionCash (similar to SwagBucks)

9) Sell on Craigslist

Craigslist is like an online yard sale. There are so many things you can sell on there. You can purchase things on Craigslist to sell or even get things for free in the free section. I used to refinish old furniture and make quite a lot doing this. You can also check out places like Slickdeals, eBay, or yard sales and resell on Craigslist. Pretty soon I’ll have an entire post dedicated to just selling on Craigslist and will link it when it’s complete!

10) Become a Mystery Shopper

Like taking surveys, you won’t get rich quick, but you can make some quick cash. The average you make is approx. $10-$25 and you get to keep what you purchase through MarketForce.

11) Start a Blog

This is #11, because it cannot be considered an EASY way to make money. There is a lot of time and energy that goes into blogging. However, I CAN tell you that within my first year of blogging, I was making $10k/month income (no joke). It has most definitely changed my family’s life! Not easy, no, but it sure is a fantastic way to go and as time goes on, will become more and more popular, so best to get in now!!!

If you think that blogging might be the path for you, here are a couple fantastic articles that can help:

My step by step VIDEO tutorial for how to start up a blog, so that you are confident in knowing how to do the techy stuff to begin

47 Reasons to Start a Blog, to see if it’s right for you

How to Start a Money Making Blog, a guide to help walk you through some of the big decisions when starting up a blog and what you’ll need to know

How I Made $10,015 Last Month Blogging (Income Report), seriously, it’s great income if you are persistent and work hard.

How to Make $10,000/month Online Blogging – no experience needed

How I started Making $10,000/month My First Year Blogging, article on everything from start to finish, step by step, everything you’ll need to know to run a fantastic, profit-making blog.

Would you like to know more in detail about how I make money from home? If so, let me know in the comments HOW and what platform you’d like to learn about. Would you like to learn how to sell on eBay, how to resell, how to make money blogging, make money from surveys. How can I help you achieve your goals? If there’s enough interest, I’d love to teach more in detail how I do it and have been making money from home for 18 years!!

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