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30 Side Jobs to Make Money & Help Pay Down Debt

30 Side Jobs to Make Money & Help Pay Down Debt

30 Side Jobs to Make Money & Help Pay Down Debt

I’m looking at your #18 on the list. Can you tell me how much I will make monthly on my blog? I would love to do this to pay off my Christmas bills!

Thanks so much


Hi Lisann! Every blogger makes a different income depending on their blog and how much time they put in. Some blogger make a part-time income while others make a full-time income.

I am so lost and just have never understood this. How do you make money writing a blog?

There are a lot of ways that you can monetize a blog – selling products, ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, etc. Do you have a blog Sarah?

I found this on craigs. Not sure how legit it is. But sound interesting. http://granadacorporation.theresumator.com/apply/9d0N3n/Work-From-Home-Sales-Customer-Service.html?source=craigslist

I am an It Works Global Independent Distributor. For me its the difference between being on the clock and owning the clock. I’m have 5 spaces on my team for new distributors. If £350 or $500USD a month extra would make a difference to your budget. Message me if you are ready for the good life –

Email: – wrapempress@gmail.com

Website – https://www.wrapempress.com

Don’t forget ShopAtHome also – I like to check both Ebates and ShopAtHome and see who is giving the better cash back percentage on a particular store… or, if one site doesn’t support a particular store, the other might.

I used to use ShopAtHome a lot, but have recently only been using eBates. Thanks for reminding me!

Direct sales is a good option to make average of $50 per hour or more and no preset hours. Here is a good one that celebrates women, provides tons of support, and you can earn back the initial investment of $99 back. http://www.moneytotes. com

#1 is only sell a product you LOVE and feel 100% proud of and want to tell the world about! Plus, look hot while you’re earning that income! http://Www.myluckylashes.com

#17 is wrong. Being a virtual assistant (VA) isn’t a side job, it is a home based business. There’s a lot to it and it can’t be done only halfway. It’s a big commitment (like any business)!

Hi Brittney – Yes, it can be a full-time job, but I also know a lot of people who do it on the side. I have numerous friends who are bloggers that do VA work to make extra income since they are already working from home. If you are interested in doing VA work, my friend Mandi shared some great advice about getting started and making money. She also has a blog too.

Yup I agree with this, it can be both. I started part time as a VA, then became a full time VA, then moved back to having it as a side job after I started focusing more on writing. I worked for a big VA placement company, so it was easy to transition from part time to full time and back to part time, since they found the clients for me (and some of the clients came with me when I quit!)

Writing is one thing I’d add to the list. It can take a while to get off the ground but freelance writing can be a really nice side job if you put the work. I subscribe to the freelancewriting.com newsletter and have gotten quite a few jobs off of there.

These are good tips. I like to use Shareasale which I promote on Facebook. There are a lot of great products that anyone with a blog can promote too.

My only job currently is a waitress. My full time job of 19 years was sent over seas. I would like to find another job to make extra income. Was thinking of starting a housecleaning/yardwork business with my boyfriend. Any suggestions?

great ideas, and great site!…thanks for sharing. I own and operate a MS company, and have been in the business for 12 years, with hotel and restaurant clients all through North America. We’re not one of the big names you listed, but we are an active member of the MSPA and being around 12 years now, we’re not new in this space!

I am glad to know you included the MSPA as a legitimate souce of great companies. Guest Check Inc (www.theguestcheck.com) is always looking for talented shoppers (we call them inspectors) and hope some of your readers will consider visiting our site. Keep in mind…our reports are NOT simple, 1 page checlists…you must know how to write, have remarkable attention to detail and be objective. It’s not easy, and the types of work we do is NOT for weveryone. However we pay generous fees plus full reimbursement for you and a guest, and if proven on smaller projects, can tackle larger, more lucrative projects with travel included as well.

Feel free to click on the “join our team” link above to apply, if interested.

Did #4 Newspaper Delivery in high school & split the route with my brother. We both did weekends due to extra thickness of paper & the higher # of weekend only subscribers. We alternated on the weekdays. Good for a limited amount of time as you will probably have a hard time trying to fill your route if you want to go away for a period of time. Plus our route worked worked out to about minimum wage, so yes its a good source of a side income but there are other options.

Josh recently posted..What Is The Secret To Affiliate Marketing?

I love this list. Thank you for sharing it! �� My wife and I got married one month ago, calculated our debt, and realized that we are $200,000 in debt. That’s a LOT of money. Anyway, we are trying a lot of things on this list, but first of those is blogging because I love to write (though I’m not great at it, I’ll admit). I would love it if you would give me any tips! I just started going live yesterday and have posts written through early November. Hope to keep going. If you’re not too busy to take a look at my blog and tell me what you think / help me with how to make it better, that would be much appreciated!

I blog at http://www.diyjahn.com

Thanks again!

Hi! First off, congratulations on your marriage �� Blogging is an excellent way to make an income, but it does take time {and a lot of work!}. If you are interested in learning more about it I offer a free 5-day mini course on my other blog. Here is a link to the course. I hope that helps!

Thank you, Adeline! I appreciate the congrats and the advice. I’m definitely willing to put in the time, so I hope to make my time worth it… I’ve been working hard on it and I plan to keep going. Your course sounds great! I’ll sign up now!

I wouldn’t put down Graphic Design as a “side job” I’ve been studying to become a graphic designer for three years and I find it slightly offensive that you percive it that way. It’s a full time job that needs years of preparation to be done correctly. Yes, you can do it from your home, (if you’re a freelance designer) but that doesn’t demerit a designers work and suddenly make it something that just anyone can do for exta money.

Hi Gabby – I am very sorry if you find this offensive. I list it as a side job because it is something my brother does on the side to earn extra money. He graduated with a Graphic Design degree but was unable to find a job. He still enjoys doing graphic design work but was not making enough to pay his bills, so he finds freelance jobs like designing logos and header images for websites which he does in his spare time to supplement his income. It is by no means a job that I would demerit and I know the time and expertise needed to complete this work. It is listed because you can do this job from home either part-time or full-time.

Hello! I am also new to the blog world (funfiercemama.com) it’s exciting and challenging to know what ppl will want to read about. But I love reading that others have done it and not only love it, but have become quite successful at it! Thanks for sharing these tips!


Hi Amanda! Thats great that you are new to blogging. Welcome! I am going to check out your blog now ��

As a graphic designer myself, I can tell you that #13 be a graphic designer is not an easy side job to just make extra money.

Thanks Caityln! I was thinking the exact same thing! As a graphic designer, it’s hard for me to say to people “Sure, anyone can learn it in a weekend! It’s great for making extra money.” It’s kinda like saying “be a mechanic. It’s a great way to earn money.” It’s hard, technical work. I’m not trying to be mean, but it requires a lot of background knowledge.

Some jobs from the list are not easy to do. You must know a lot about such things, and be a master �� After all, you can do something from this list. Thank you for the list ��

Marko Zupanic recently posted..Golden tips for overnight success – how to achieve success over night?

Thanks there are a few things in your list that I must try. ��

Hi Adeline!

I think that this is a great article with some great options for people who want to start making a little extra cash but don’t know where to start. It’s sad to see that some people in the comments are getting offended by some of your suggestions. Because truly, almost anything can be a “side job”, if you’re just doing it on the side. I’m an IT consultant in my 9-5, but I know some people who offer IT consulting as a side job… which doesn’t offend me whatsoever. On the flip side, I do dog sitting as my side job, while I know some people who dog sit full-time, as their main source of income, and that’s not counting from actual brick & mortar dog boarding facilities.

Anyways, thanks again! I’ll share this article with a couple friends who I know would benefit from the information. ��

Thank you for your kind words Victoria, I appreciate it. I agree, a “side job” isn’t a bad thing, it is something you do in addition and just because it is a side job does not mean you are not a 100% qualified to do it. Thank you again for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

I have compiled a list of 30 sides jobs to make money. If you are really determined to get out of debt and you are willing to work hard and sacrifice, you can do it! One of the best ways to pay off debt is to find a way to generate more income.

It is hard to pay off debt on a fixed income while still keeping up with current expenses. You may be thinking “Ugh, I do NOT want to get a second job.” But, it is a great way to supplement your income.

It does not necessarily have to be a lot of hours a week. Many side jobs will pay you by the job instead of hourly and most times it is much higher. Especially if you have a special skill or expertise.

If you want to make a visible dent in that debt, a side job is the way to go. You can either go out and get a part time job or find a way to stay at home and make more money. The extra income is the solution you need to help pay off your debt. Many people may not think of the typical jobs that they could complete in their spare time.

Even though this may not be considered a side job, it is a great way to make extra cash. I love using ebates. They give you cash back for your online purchases and even offer an awesome referral program that gives you the option to make bonuses. Even though it is not a full-time income, I did make $450 from them last month! If you refer 2 friends you can get $50!

You can find out more how I make money shopping online. I definitely recommend that you check out ebates before you shop online.

You can also consider becoming a blogger. Personally, I had no intentions of making a full-time income whenever I started my blog, but now it has turned into a business. I absolutely LOVE blogging so that I have made an EASY step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog for you to be able do it too!

It is simple and you can have your blog up and running within minutes. Be sure to watch the video tutorial on how you can get your own blog.

If you are looking to make some quick cash online you can consider taking online surveys. They will pay you for your opinion, and InboxDollars gives you $5 just for signing-up!

If you are not sure where to start or what to do, here are 30 side jobs to make money and help pay off debt.

30 Side Jobs to Make Money:

1. Start a blog {no experience needed}

2. Make a full-time income selling on Amazon

3. Test Websites {actually make money testing websites!}

4. Newspaper delivery

5. Tutor

6. Pizza Delivery

7. Babysitter

8. House Sitter

9. Home-based business

10. House/Office cleaner

11. Run errands for neighbors

12. Start a laundry service

13. Graphic Designer

14. Sell your unwanted things on Ebay

15. Make homemade items to sell on Etsy

16. Seasonal retail jobs

17. Become a Virtual Assistant

18. Fast food cashier or clerk

19. Referee or umpire for a local sports league

20. Mystery shopping

21. Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter

22. Rent a table at a flea market to sell things

23. Grocery store cashier or stock person

24. Website Designer

25. Personal Trainer

26. Bartender

27. Cab driver

28. Receptionist

29. Barista in a coffee shop

30. Home Health Aid

If you are looking for real work from home jobs than take a look at my eBook Real Ways to Make Money from Home. This book goes into depth about 12 different ways that you can earn a full-time income from home without having to work 40 hours a week.

I have recently started a new journey in my life selling Young Living Essential Oils to make some extra cash {plus, I LOVE the oils!}. Let’s face it, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life making small payments toward your debt. Without an extra income, it is really difficult to pay down debt. It will be hard work and take time {effort and determination} but it can be done. If you don’t know where to begin, use these 30 side jobs to make money and help pay off debt to get started.

Original article and pictures take http://www.frugalfanatic.com/30-side-jobs-to-make-money-pay-down-debt/#_a5y_p=3129494 site

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