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30 Ways to De-Stress Quickly

30 Ways to De-Stress Quickly

30 Ways to De-Stress Quickly

Great list! I tweeted it! Reading is my de-stress strategy!

I am inspired. I am often stress and it is good to have choices.

We all need a toolbox of strategies for managing stress. You can de-stress quickly with these simple ideas. These ideas can help you de-stress in less than 10 minutes and most are things that both teens and adults can do.

I find it’s helpful to have a variety of stress management strategies. You will need to use different strategies when you are at work/school or home. Sometimes you have more time and other times you are limited.

I suggest you choose a few of your favorite ideas, write them down, and have your list handy when you are in a stressful situation. You can also print out a PDF of 30 ways to de-stress quickly and hang it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. You want to have healthy coping strategies readily available so you don’t have to think too much about it when stress is at hand. The more you practice them, the more automatic they will become.

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