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7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time And Ace Real Estate Time Management

7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time And Ace Real Estate Time Management

7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time And Ace Real Estate Time Management

Being a Realtor is tough.

You work so hard to generate leads…but there is still a ton of work that needs to be done to close a deal.

We (myself included) often spend our time on things that really don’t matter or could easily be accomplished with a virtual assistant. But the truth is:

There are only 24 hours in a day. And you really can only work 8-10 hours daily before you start to burn out.

That means your time is limited!

So, today we’re going to look at 7 quick tactics you can use to get a better grasp on your real estate time management. These tips will help you clear up space and time for you to focus on your real estate marketing or start getting more leads from your real estate website.

Let’s dive in:

1) Take Ownership Of Your Distractions

Did you work a job while in high school?

My first job was a clerk at a grocery store. Think back on your job for just a second…

Did they let you check your phone?

How about your email? What about your text messages?

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? CNN? Inman?

Of course not! You’d have been fired.

But then why do we let ourselves distract ourselves while working on something way more important.

Think about it:

You are probably working in real estate because of some very important and personal goal.

Yet, you’re probably letting yourself become distracted from the end goal with minor things throughout the day.

Here are a few tips to help you limit distractions:

Block websites like social networks and news sites with plugins like: Self Control and Freedom

Pause email with a plugin like Inbox Pause and start checking email 3 times per day only

Put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ when you are working on important projects

2) Work Within a Defined Timeframe

The world will not organize your time for you.

Is this you?

You open up your call list for the day. And then check your email.

You call the first person. And then send a text to your friend.

You think about calling the next person on the list. But then a new email comes in…

This type of reactionary time management is terrible for real estate agents.

You can easily waste an entire week and not get anything done.

Here’s a quick way to solve this problem and to start setting defined timeframes:

The Pomodoro Technique (plus some heavy iCal or Google Cal usage) can easily trim the fat out of your schedule.

3) Delegate What’s On Your Plate

Any discussion of time management for real estate agents needs to include a section about delegation.

There is simply too much to do for one person. You need to utilize automation, virtual assistants, processes, and systems.

Here’s a general rule of thumb:

If you do it more than 10 times per day, outsource it.

For example:

Do you post things on social media? Hopefully you do! You can outsource that…here’s a guide.

Do you answer support related questions? Hire someone to help sort your email and give them canned responses for consistent questions. Better yet! Write the answers down in a helpful blog post. And have the assistant link to the blog post.

There are many ways to use technology to scale these previously personalized responses. For example, you can make videos answering all these questions. Then write what you said in the video as a blog post. And send the blog posts to all your clients after they signup with you.

The cool thing about this is that the videos and blog posts will actually help you get more clients. Think about it: Wouldn’t you want to work with an agent who was super transparent and organized?

4) Save Nonessential Tasks for Later

This is an old story, but it’s very true.

In our lives we have events with different levels of importance. In real estate, a hot lead might be relatable to a pebble, a repeat client similar to a stone, and new emails equivalent to sand.

While, the one thing that always stays consistent in life is the amount of time you have. You can call this your jar.

And if you try to fill up your jar with the sand or unimportant things first. You’re going to run out of time and room for the pebbles.

In other words:

Take action now on the things of greatest importance!

Here’s a great video explaining the concept:

5) Rethink Your Sleeping Habits

At the risk of crossing too far away from real estate marketing tips, proper sleep habits are essential to a healthy workday. And since realtors are largely their own bosses, you need proper sleep to stay motivated and productive!

Now, I’m not a scientist. So, I’m just going to link up some useful articles that have proven effective for me personally.

– Harvard: Your Cellphones Disturbing Your Sleep: Do you sleep with your phone next to you? I used to do that as well. This article highlights how the lights you use in the bedroom (phones, alarm clocks, etc) can have a huge impact on your performance the next day.

– Time Magazine: The Power Of Sleep: After a week of restricted sleep, Mice “are more likely to be sleepy when they are supposed to be active and have more difficulty consolidating [the benefits of] sleep during their sleep period.”

– Business Insiders: The Sleep Habits Of Highly Effective People: Just look at how much these people sleep! Winston Churchill took a 2 hour long nap everyday.

Circling back around, many of you are also probably used to receiving calls from clients late into the night. This definitely doesn’t help to keep your sleep schedule on track and probably stresses you out. Well, luckily you can end the“10pm OMG I need to talk now!!” calls from your clients today by building a smarter business that prevents them. Here’s how: Why your clients call at night, and 4 simple ways to prevent it. This will definitely help to improve your time management and help you generate more leads when you’re actually working.

6) Pack Your Lunch With the Right Foods

If you’re anything like me, lunch is not that consistent.

And yet it’s the meal that will probably determine your mood for when you meet your clients.

Here’s a quick run down of the 6 ways your lunch will impact your mood. You’ll want to keep in mind that for most Realtors more than half of their day is spent after lunch.

Clients can keep you busy until 8 or 9pm at night!

And if you aren’t properly eating lunch, you’re ultimately shooting your business in the foot.

Here’s an interesting diet that I’ve tried for a short time now: Diet to boost productivity

7) Work On Your Typing Speed

I practice my typing speed from 12:00-12:10 everyday. Why?

The average person sends 41 emails per day.

The average email length is 300-500 words. That means you’re typing at least 12,300 words per day.

If you’re typing speed is above 100, then that takes you significantly less time than if you’re typing speed is lower than 50.

I work on my typing speed because computers are not going away. And real estate transactions will continue to require more typing speed.

This means a person that types 100 words per minute can literally be 2 TIMES FASTER than someone who types 50 WPM.

What Do You Think?

Is there a real estate time management hack that I didn’t mention? Put it in the comments below and we can chat about it there!

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