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9 Ways to Update a Hutch without Repainting It

9 Ways to Update a Hutch without Repainting It

9 Ways to Update a Hutch without Repainting It

I use southernsavers.com the most. She has really made her website comprehensive. You can search by product to see if there are current deals on that item, search by store or search for through the coupon database.

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll have to check it out!

I purchase the Sacramento Bee at the Dollar Store on Sunday to get my coupons. I shop at Rite-Aid to get an additional 20% off all my purchases with my coupons. Last month I saved $89.00 off my purchases which I took in cash and opened a savings acct. This is now my vacation savings account.

Laurie-That is a great idea. I also LOVE Rite Aid. I shop the deals there all the time. What a wonderful idea to open a savings account and put money you saved using coupons in it. I hope you have a fun vacation once you are done saving!Thanks for the comment.

[…] Couponing For Beginners […]

I love all your idea’s. I just don’t understand why buy a lot of things you really don’t need to get things free. I was wondering how to save just for like family.

My sister in law says she doesn’t buy anything that isn’t on sale. Is that the trick?

I look forward to your comments I think you are awesome at couponing and I know I can learn from you.

Thank You

Scarlett- If you noticed in the article I mention that you should only buy multiples of things you KNOW you will use. You really don’t need free stuff if you aren’t going to use it and/or if you don’t know anyone who will. I only buy what I will use or that others I know can use if it is free.

Good luck couponing does work if you stick with it.


I like the idea of archiving the coupon fliers, rather than organizing clipped coupons. Thanks!

Kelli, Yes it saves A LOT of time. And then if you go out of town or are sick and can’t get to the store you never wasted time clipping coupons that have expired while life got away from you and you weren’t able to use those coupons. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t waste precious time.

Thanks for your comment!

YES Anita! I very much agree! Clipping coupons was very tie consuming for me working and having 3 kids at home. The filing/keeping who inserts method is definitely less stressful.

Thanks for weighing in.

Great tips, these will really help me start my journey!

Ok, I’m convinced, all I need now is a smart phone and a printer and I’ll be in business.

I’m new to couponing and love it. Just started and save $11.00 this weekend. I greatful for this information, because it has helped with question I had in the back of me head.

It is very kind of you to share this information.

Oh! for all the money I save I put it in my saving box; I will use it for spending money when I go on vacation.:)

Cheryl- You’re welcome! I love that you are saving your saved money for a vacation. What a great incentive to keep up on couponing

can you help me with this coupon

what do you do with coupons i want start couponing be want to

know if i need more then 20 of the same coupon or just say 5 or6 of the same iam need help her please

Please read the article and sub articles carefully. It depends on the coupon and store when quantity comes into play. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the tips. Most useful I have on the web so far. I am a beginner and made the mistake of overloading myself with every resource I could find. I am taking your advice now and starting out slowly and becoming more advance with time.

Layla- Thanks so much for this kind comment! I appreciate it. Good luck with your couponing adventures!

I notice of the tv show they never go to the meat dept. Is that because they don’t need the meats because they never show how to by meats.

The TLC show Extreme Couponing is often very deceitful. If you notice the contestants by hundreds even thousands of one deal so they can rack up their total bill. This never usually happens even when couponers are ‘extreme’. The contestants go way over the top on quantity of cheap or free items so they can blow the viewers away with the total amount they saved. This is the reason they don’t add normal items to their cart like meat, produce, dairy. Those are very hard to get free. So don’t pay too much attention to that show. Further some of them have VERY unbalanced lifestyles spending 30+ hrs a week couponing, shopping, & hoarding. It’s couponing on steroids and most episodes are very unrealistic. I like to take a more moderate approach and I still save thousands every year. I buy what I need and try to feed my family a well balanced diet. That’s what I recommend others do or you will burn out of using coupons at all.

Will you share your passcode for the grocerysmarts website?

Sure Linda thanks for asking!! It is g84alr. Although I don’t think you will need it to access the deals it is there if anyone wants to use it and log in with it.

Anita,I am new at this, I wanted to know how do you get away with using mutiple coupons that say “only one coupon per purchase” or limit the number of coupons per shopping trip?

Ryanne- “only one coupon per purchase” means that you can only use one coupon per item purchased. So say you bought two toothpastes you couldn’t use one coupon on two toothpastes. You need two coupons because it says one coupon per item purchased. This is confusing for a lot of beginning couponers. Don’t worry too much, computers will only scan this type of coupon once. Just know that you can use multiple coupons as long as you are purchasing multiple items. Many coupons or stores do limit the number of SAME or LIKE coupons per shopping trip in that case you need to stick to the rules. Target has a 4 coupon rule so I can never use more than 4 of the SAME coupons there. I hope that helps!

What about Walmart do they have a limit on same or like?

No they don’t… Here is the official Walmart coupon policy if you want to check it out.

On Scarlett’s comment about the free stuff: when I can get something for free I get it even if no one I know can use it then I donate it to my local shelter or food bank

Yes that is a great idea for sure!

Anita, is couponing possible with someone working 40+ hours a week? I noticed on the TLC show, these women spend hours and hours gathering info.

I am just starting and still a little overwhelmed

Veronica- It is. I mention how I spend only 1-2 hours a week on it. When I was working full-time without a child I had even more time and would spend 2-6 hours a week on it. But now with a child and being pregnant I really only coupon for 1-2 hours a week max and still save a couple hundred dollars a month. So its possible! Getting started is more time consuming, but once you get the hang of it you can be more efficient.

you have been very helpful, I am a beginner in Alabama , I appreciate your time in doing this. Newspapers bought in other states can we use inserts in Alabama? Do you know? If I bought extras I would donate to charities, just saying. THANK YOU

Dottie- Yes you can use newspaper inserts/coupons that are from different states. As long as the coupon is for the item you are buying and doesn’t specify that it is invalid in your state in the fine print they are good to use!

Anita, thanks for all the tips. I’ve been watching multiple episodes of extreme couponing and am amazed at how much they save & their huge stockpiles & how they spend over 20 hrs a week couponing – it consumes their whole life – I really would think some of that stuff would go bad before it gets used. We don’t have a basement & it’s too hot in the garage, but we have some space in the laundry room pantry area to stockpile a little. I would love to be able to do this & save some money to pay off bills and also collect items for the local food banks/shelters. I would consider a dozen cans of something a stockpile compared to the hundreds of boxes of toothpaste one guy had. I work at an assisted living & hope to convince the the residents to give me their unused coupons.

Linda- Yes I agree. I think there needs to be a moderation in life and in couponing. You are right many of those items will go bad and expired before they are used unless they are donated to those in need. It’s also very nice for other couponers not to clear a shelf entirely of the great deals. So taking a balanced approach does really make it something someone can do for life. Here is an article about the biggest mistakes couponers make and how to avoid them if you would like to check it out. I go into more depth about this very issue. Thanks!

I am a newbie to couponing. I have been collecting coupons for the last 6 weeks. My husband buys me 3 papers a week, I’m glad I stumbled across your site, and have read all the comments. I am a stay at home house wife and have all the time to gather information and clip. I have a 1 inch binder chock full of coupons, I have been taking advice from experienced couponers with being patient (which is not always my best virtue), I am going to be a regular visitor to your site. Thank you for your tips!!

Censia- Thank you so much for the kind comments. I really appreciate that. I hope all goes well in your couponing endeavors. Please do keep visiting and let me know if you have any questions!

You are awesome! I have read quite a few of your articles on different ways to save money. I had no idea about Formula cash until I read your article. You have some really great tips and I thank you for sharing!!

Cassandra- Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Yes those formula checks are awesome :). Thanks for reading and commenting!

[…] http://livelikeyouarerich.com/couponing-for-beginners-11-tips-that-will-save-you-thousands/#Hff0IzH6… […]

This post is very informative. Thank you for sharing Anita. I didn’t know about grocerysmarts.com. Will go check them out now!

[…] one thing that most people would agree costs too much these days is groceries. That is the reason couponing has become such a big business to so many people. Spending time each week cutting and printing the […]

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So this is what i have been wondering since I am a coupon beginner…If you go to the store with a list, while walking up and down aisle you spot something on sale. Now without having coupons cut out, how do you know if you have a coupon for that item? Or are you strictly shopping off a list with no deviation? I want to be able to stock up on supplies that are used on a daily basis like body wash, laundry soap, deodorants stuff like that but not sure how to tell if I have a coupon from weeks past or if it’s a good deal. Any help or direction is appreciated. Thanks

[…] in need for certain items, I will go garage selling for those items, look on classifieds, and/or go couponing for food for them. I am able to give more because I find very inexpensive ways of getting nice used items […]

[…] by all means, do look for coupons before you shop. You can buy yourself something amazing with all the money you will end up saving by the end of the […]

Please help I live in the UK and although I use coupons when ever I find them and the odd one I receive in the mail I need/want to do more but the web sites I found after searching google are pretty dire, I use Groupon and Living Social web sites but have yet to find a good discount/ coupon site that is UK based and kept up to date. Please Help!

Try these two UK coupon sites. http://excoupuk.com/ and https://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/ Best of luck!

I’m a very newbie at couponing. And also have been confused because I’m an international student coming to the U.S to both study and work so I decided to learn how to purchase everything by coupons to save my money. Thank you so much for your article. It really helps me alot with many things that I could not understand before when I started looking at the coupons on the newspapers or websites. Can I have a few questions? Is it different when coupon says between”3.00$ OFF” and “Save 3.00$” on any Maybelline NY Mascara

? I can get it that when I buy this item with the reg. price 5.00$ and using this purchase with my coupon “3.00$ OFF…” means totally just pay 2.00$. Is it right? And if I want to buy more this item (like 3 or 4), can I clip or print 4 more this coupon and just total pay 8.00$ for 4? (means saving 12.00$) I don’t know whether my understanding is correct or not, so could you please explain to me for this confusion. Thanks so much again and have a nice day!!

Hang Tra YES you are right! The one thing is, it depends on the store how many coupons that are exactly the same they allow per transaction. For example Target allows 4 like coupons which means you could use 4 of these $3.00 OFF coupons for 4 Maybelline NY Mascaras but you cannot use five. You have it right. $3.00 off and Save $3.00 means the same thing. Good luck!

Thanks so much for replying me thoughtfully. I’m always checking out your new article because they’re pretty helpful, make my mind open much more about saving money, and the concept of the rich life.!!

You’re very welcome. Good luck with everything!

hello. thanks for the great advice! However i was wondering how to use coupons to get free items rather than items just at a discount. I think saving is great either way, I was just wondering when people say they donate free items how to get those with coupons.

hi i would like to start couponing but i don’t know where to start, can you please help me?

Jamie- Yes, Please just read this article and the other linked articles to get a good handle on how to begin. Comment if you have specific questions. Best wishes!

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[…] http://livelikeyouarerich.com/couponing-for-beginners-11-tips-that-will-save-you-thousands/ […]

Anita, thank you so much for this site. I have tried to do the coupon thing before and got so over whelmed that I stopped. But looking over the top 11 things it shows me that I can do this without having to worry about trying to be like the TLC show. They always irritate me on how they clear the shelves especially one episode I watched where a guy wanted to get a few bars of a protein bar and she took all of them and wouldn’t give him 3 of what she took. Come on talk about rude in my book.

Suzanne- You’re welcome! Yes the TLC show really made couponing seem so time consuming and ridiculous. Best of luck, it doesn’t need to be hard to be worth it.

[…] Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips That Will Save You Thousands – What an amazing title, right? She has saved an estimated $25,000 through frugal living – freakin’ awesome! Unlike many others, when she started saving she didn’t have the same tv shows, tutorials, and other resources that we have now. Which makes her tips and advice more authentic – take away the printables, YouTube tutorials, and technology advancements – and all of her couponing for beginners tips still stands stronger than ever. […]

[…] If you are brand new to couponing, I recommend reading this blog post before purchasing the training video so that you will understand many of the terms I’ll be […]

[…] Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips That Will Save You Thousands – What an amazing title, right? She has saved an estimated $25,000 through frugal living – freakin’ awesome! Unlike many others, when she started saving she didn’t have the same tv shows, tutorials, and other resources that we have now. Which makes her tips and advice more authentic – take away the printables, YouTube tutorials, and technology advancements – and all of her couponing for beginners tips still stands stronger than ever. […]

[…] I just read an article over at livelikeyouarerich.com that will help you to get started with couponing so that you can start to save money on food and other items that you rely on in your household every day. Get this important information and improve your couponing skills by getting the tips listed at the link below.11 Couponing Tips That Will Save You Thousands […]

[…] http://livelikeyouarerich.com/couponing-for-beginners-11-tips-that-will-save-you-thousands/ […]

[…] 11 Couponing Tips That Will Save You Thousands […]

[…] 11 Couponing Tips That Will Save You Thousands […]

Anita, the end of June, my husband and I will be moving to New York as his military career begins. I would like to begin couponing once we get there to try to start saving money. Is there a good place to start since I am unsure of what stores will be available to me? Is couponing even a good idea since I don’t really want to build a stockpile yet? I can’t imagine trying to move with a large stockpile of items that would eventually be used. Any words of wisdom would be truly appreciated.

Syndi- I would wait until you move. You don’t want to get used to one store and then have to learn a new ones. Also, packing and transporting a stock supply may be too much work. Good luck moving in one month. The time will fly by I’m sure. Keep in mind that learning to coupon at first does take some time. If you watch my video on how to save $45.00 in 35 minutes of prep it may help- but it is an intermediate/advanced couponing course. So I think you will be best getting the hang of it once you’ve moved and then after a month or two of couponing, take my course and you’ll learn how to streamline the process. Best of luck!

Hi Anita!I can’t thank you enough for putting this blog out to help all of us beginners. I have been attempting to master couponing for almost a year, and I haven’t gotten very far at all. In fact, I haven’t even started a stock pile yet, nor have I successfully purchased more than 2 items at a time in one trip. Yet I have spent countless hours clipping and organizing so many coupons! Crazy right?! Every couple of months I get back into it and swear I will learn how to do it right, but after much frustration (and many newspapers later), I give up and only occasionally use coupons for the items I buy regularly. I currently have a stack of coupons about 4 inches in thickness (compressed!), and I am DETERMINED to put them to use this time around!

I have all of the supplies I need. A 3 ring binder with card inserts. Two accordion files (small like you have). And a handy little zipper purse with a calculator, highlighter, pencils, post-it sticky note things, paperclips, and everything else you could possibly need in the case of a coupon emergency!

As you can see I am in desperate need of organization. Or maybe motivation? I think my next step is to somehow file these coupons in the binder, but I have no idea how to do that! Please help!!

Jessica- thanks for the comment. Great job on your determination. I truly think you will be able to be more efficient if you do not clip before hand. That way if you don’t use a coupon there is no wasted time or energy. Just read this tips really thoroughly and if you’d like you can purchase my coupon training at the bottom of the post. I wish you the best!

I try to stack sales, store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and savings apps like Cartwheel for the most savings!

I have a question for you. Have you ever gotten a virus from printing coupons online? Twice my computer crashed after going on coupon sites. Thanks so much!

No not in all my years of couponing. Do you have an antivirus software installed like Avast? I do and its never warned me about the coupon drivers. I usually only print from reputable sites mentioned above though. Best of luck!

[…] Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips That Will Save You Thousands | Live Like You Are Rich. […]

[…] 11 Couponing Tips That Will Save You Thousands […]

Hi Anita,

Thanks for all your tips! I’m just getting started and was wondering if it is worth investing in a printer (which I don’t currently have) in order to print manufacturer coupons. Or is there a way to “print” them to your phone and simply scan the barcode off of your phone at checkout? Walmart has a “coupon clip” option on their website but they wouldn’t allow me to access the bar codes because my laptop wasn’t hooked up to a printer.

So I guess I have two questions for you: A) Do you recommend coupon clipping directly off a store’s website, particularly Walmart’s? and B) Do I need to buy a printer to make coupon clipping worth my while? Or is there a way around this that you know of?

Thank you!!

You’ll need a printer- that or subscribe to the newspaper. I don’t know away around printing off coupons. You can often find them very inexpensively at garage sells, online classifieds and esp. on sale during black friday. Yes print off store’s websites for store coupons (or load to card coupons) and then print off regular coupon websites as well. Best!

I just wanted to mention that your old expired coupons can be used by military members overseas at their base/post commissaries for, I believe it’s a year after they expire. Great way to support our troops and get more use out of those coupons!

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[…] of peanut butter at only 20% of the cost, but these sort of savings exploits beg the question “Is couponing worth the time and effort?” As with many things in personal finance, the answer is Yes and […]

[…] Couponing is when you go looking for these codes in magazines, local newspapers, ads, websites in order to save money per month. Some people save hundreds of dollars per month by knowing how to find these codes and not being shy to use them like these guys. […]

Yeah thanks lady’s didn’t know anything about this Site in till one of my friends told me about this is there any one who lives in Montreal right now that can help me with finding coupons for free

Great stuff . Thanks for sharing

Thank you Carrick!

I am new to couponing. Will be using the tips listed here to get started and save some money while shopping!

That’s awesome, good luck!

Also when you get free items that you will not use or multiples of the same product you can make care packages for the troops

Yes thanks for that great tip! I do give them to charity, as gifts, or donations.

[…] Couponing For Beginners […]

[…] Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips that Will Save You Thousands […]

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[…] you use coupons to lower that budget, it can have an enormous impact on your spending and […]

[…] choices, such as using Netflix instead of cable TV can make a noticeable change too. Similarly, couponing can be a great way to cut monthly spend to gradually build a healthier financial […]

[…] 11 Couponing Tips That Will Save You Thousands […]

[…] Furthermore, you should really become an active online researcher. There are dozens of websites that specialize in special deals, discounts and coupons. Also, official pages of shops on social media platforms are also excellent places to look for special offers and discounts. Fight that early adopter in you. Wait for discounts and save some serious cash by couponing. […]

[…] you’re looking to get into couponing a bit more, Live Like You Are Rich has an awesome comprehensive guide. Using everything they offer looks exhausting to me, but […]

I have been couponing for over a decade. I have saved thousands. I wish I would’ve been meticulous about tracking how much I have saved, but an estimated guess would be that I have easily saved over $25,000.00 in the 10 years I have been couponing. Right now, I save about $200-300 a month, which is over $2,400 a year. So in case you haven’t gotten into couponing yet, now is a great time. This is a couponing for beginners article. If you are already a seasoned pro, I offer my online video training course which outlines my efficient step-by-step couponing system which will save you $45.00 in 35 minutes of couponing prep or less. (Order by clicking here).

Before I got started there was a lot I had to learn. These were the days before the popular TV show Extreme Couponing came on TLC. I didn’t have as many resources as there are now. I would have to say getting started now is a great time to start because of all the technological advancements that make matching sales and coupons so easy. Not to mention the huge amount of printable and online coupons and discounts available now that weren’t then.

Have I convinced you to start couponing? If so, let’s get started. Here are 11 coupon basics that you need to know no matter which store you shop at:

#1- Coupons have expiration dates and must be used before they expire. They also have other restrictions that need to be followed: size, quantity, brand, make, etc. Just think of it this way: the Big Print Giveth, the Small Print Taketh Away. For example a Pampers coupon will say $2.50 off in big print. At the outset that seems like an awesome deal. When you read the smaller print it will say off two boxes of Pampers Swaddlers Diapers. The boxes are pricey and it’s usually always a better deal to buy the smaller jumbo packs and use a high value coupon on those. The small print just took the $2.50 and made it not such a great deal after all. Read each coupon carefully.

#2- Coupon websites that match sales with the coupon are the best way to go when planning your shopping trip. They do most all of the work for you. They find the sales and then they find any available coupon for the sales and match them up. It’s awesome! A few that I have been using with a lot of success are:

Favado.com – The coolest thing about Favado is that it is an app for smart phones and can go with you into the stores. It is VERY accurate and free! Using this app saves me anywhere from $50.00-$200.00 a month!

Another great all around match up site is www.grocerysmarts.com. I love this site.With Grocerysmarts.com you can highlight just the stock up prices (I’ll mention more about those below). You can also easily list all the grocery stores in your area on one page. Awesome- especially for price matching. I use this website in conjunction with Krazycouponlady.com and the Favado phone ap.

Another amazing website that you can often find awesome, typically unadvertised, and all the best deals is thekrazycouponlady.com. I love this site!

Quickly checking at least two and usually three different sources before going to a store ensures that I don’t miss an amazing deal.

Finally, an awesome app that works for just about any popular grocery store and some retail stores and theaters allows you to earn cash back is called Ibotta. In the first 3 months of using it I made $77! Ibotta is like a mobile coupon app/rebate machine. When you buy something being sponsored by Ibotta and the store you bought it at you will earn cash back. At the end of your shopping trip to redeem an item you need to follow a quick process of learning a fact, watching a short clip, or sharing it on Facebook. After that, you simply take a quick photo of your receipt and the product you bought and the cash will be credited to your account. Plus, if you sign up and redeem 10 purchases with over .25 cent rebates you will receive a $10.00 bonus if done in the first 30 days which is a pretty great deal! Click here to sign up for Ibotta and be sure to redeem to earn your $10.00 bonus.

Another free app is called Checkout51. It is very similar to Ibotta but it can be used with any store. I’ve tested it and It works great! Plus, unlike ibotta it isn’t store exclusive, which is great for people who live in smaller towns and that don’t shop at big chain grocery stores. You can get cash back on milk, eggs, and other everyday groceries. I use this and ibotta together and sometimes get items for free! Sign up for Checkout51 here!

#3- You can print off coupons online. Most all coupons can be printed 2 times per computer. If you have a laptop and a desktop you can get 4 coupons to use. You simply either need to hit the back button after a coupon is done printing and it will reprint or you will need to go back and re-select the coupon and print again. These are some of the best resources to find online coupons:

a. Coupons.com—is the largest database of online printable manufacturer coupons. You can often just go to coupons.com and find items that you may have on your grocery list and print them off there. A more efficient use of time is to search on hotcouponworld.com for the items on your grocery list instead of sifting through all of the coupons on coupons.com.

b. HotCouponWorld.com—Is a huge coupon search/database that can search for almost every coupon out there in the USA. Once you are at HotCouponWorld.com, click on the coupon database and search for items that you need. It will show you if there are any coupons out there (printable, insert (non printable), etc.) available for that certain item. (The database doesn’t work with smartphones. You will need to use desktops or laptops to search for coupons for specific items.)

#4- If you use over 5-10 coupons each shopping trip, buying a Sunday newspaper subscription will save you money. I tried both couponing with and without the newspaper. I saved much more by having a newspaper subscription. I actually paid for all 4 of my newspaper subscriptions in the first 3 weeks I had them by using the coupons I found in them.

Right now there is a special deal for Utahans, Nevadans, and Californians on newspapers (for other states you may want to try googling to see if you can find good deals): Utahns Las Vegas Review Journal LA County Metro LA County Inland San Diego Union Tribune Press Enterprise It is important to note that if you ever don’t have the newspaper arrive, are missing inserts in your paper, or get the wrong quantity delivered, the newspaper company will credit you for an extra paper at the end of your subscription. Although this rarely happens, if it does you need to call and notify them each time. Also, when you buy the newspaper call them and tell them you do not want the special editions (as they cost additional money and will cut your subscription short).

#5- Coupons come in the mail and newspapers. The main mailer is an insert called Red Plum. In some areas Red Plum also comes in the Sunday papers. The abbreviation used for Red Plum on most all couponing sites is RP. Smart Source ( SS) comes in the Sunday papers. Proctor and Gamble (PG) also comes in the newspaper (usually the first paper each month). Side note: another few abbreviations are BOGO ‘buy one get one free” and MM which means it is a money maker. A money maker, in most cases means that by buying the item (which is free) you will have extra money through its purchase to use toward another item in that same purchase. OOP means total out of pocket money you will need to purchase the transaction/products.

#6- Each paper has a date on its tiny spine. If you look closely you will be able to see the date. When you see on the match up sites that there is a sale and a coupon they will tell you where to find the coupon. If it is an internet coupon there will be a link to click to go to that site. If it is a newspaper coupon they will state it by using the abbreviation of the insert and date on its spine. For example, it will look like this: Huggies 2.00/1 Jumbo Pack SS 1/12 meaning that in the Smart Source insert that was delivered on January 12th you can find a 2.00 off one package of Huggies diapers (that was just an example). Inserts that are mailed don’t always have the same date stamped on them as the date they arrived because they arrive on different days for different people. They are typically stamped with the date of the upcoming Sunday. #7- Make sure to buy multiples of the items you will use that are on sale and have coupons to go with them. Extreme Couponing is when you stock up on items that are rock bottom in price. This is how you are going to save the most money. All three resources/websites I mentioned above use a scale to show how good of a deal the sale/coupon matchup is. If they are listed as a stock up or 5 star deal then buy multiples because most items only go on sale with coupons every 3 or 6 months. #8- The easiest most efficient way to coupon is not to clip coupons until you are sure you are going to use them. I use an accordion binder like this and slip the coupon inserts into it when they come on Sundays. I keep all the Red Plums together, the PG’s together, and the SS’s together in one or two sections. I order them newest to oldest. I also keep my printed coupons and loose random coupons that have come in mailers, magazines, etc. in their own sections as well.

Once the insert is a few months old I quickly scan through it. If the majority of coupons are expired I take the inserts and recycle/trash them. I am constantly rotating my inserts in and out of my binder so they all fit.

#9-Start at one store and get familiar with the coupons, clearance section, rewards programs, restrictions etc. Once you feel like you understand that store, try mastering another in your area. Here is a link to how to coupon at Target. How to coupon at Kroger aka Smith’s, Ralph’s, Fry’s etc, How to coupon at Walmart, How to coupon at Walgreens, How to coupon at CVS. How to coupon at RiteAid How to use the Favadao App #10- Monitor your expenditures. This deserves a post all on its own but here it is: You can go broke saving money. That is right, you can go broke saving money. If I don’t closely monitor myself I will try to get every single deal out there and spend hours a day couponing. When I do this I usually always over spend in our grocery category. How did I overspend by saving 40-100% off? It is the amount of small purchases I make. They really do add up. Moderation and slowly building a stock pile is the way to go. Couponing can be a thrill and give you a rush when you walk away from the store with discounted and even free stuff . Just realize you paid taxes, gas to get to the store, money on the newspapers, paper, ink etc. and time. Couponing is one of the best ways to save on groceries and other household items but it can get expensive if you try to build a stock pile overnight or are in the stores everyday. Think about trying to take a turtle approach and try not to be the hare (like I was). A thing I do to balance this out is to only extreme coupon a few weeks out of the month instead of all four. #11- Read my 17 Mistakes Couponers Make and How to Avoid them here. This list is both for the novice and the experienced couponer. It will give you some great guidelines and help you avoid many pitfalls couponers make. Or better yet, take my course:

Want to save over $45.00 in 35 minutes of preparation each time you go grocery shopping? I will show you how in my exclusive planning video. I have streamlined couponing, discount shopping, meal planning, and other ways to save which saves me thousands every year! I reveal all of my efficiency secrets and simple ways to feed my family for less. If you are in charge of the grocery shopping, you do NOT want to miss this.

Current Price: $4.79– Until Monday May 11th (then it will go back to its usual price of $7.79).

Want even more tips on how to save on food and household goods? Lots of ways (for the couponer, anti-couponer and, whole sale shopper) are found in my new book I co-authored: Living a Rich Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom: How to Build a Secure Financial Foundation for You and Your Children

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9 Ways to Update a Hutch without Repainting It

You don’t have to painstakingly sand, prime and paint an old hutch in order to update it. My mom has gorgeous very large hutch. We are renovating her dinning room and wanting to update it. We went back and forth on painting it or not, weighing the pros and cons. Ultimately repainting it was going to be too much work. Plus, it already matched the new hard wood and dinning room set, and even the french doors. So we decided to come up with other ways to update it. Below are 9 ways to update a hutch without repainting it.

First, we took the glass out of it. This automatically made it look more in style.

Second, we took everything out of it and centered it in the room to be a focal point instead of having it in the corner.

Third, we installed under-mount lights. Tutorial Here.

Fourth, we staged it well. We used the rule of odd numbers, similar colors and balance. Before, there was a lot of clutter on the shelves. We did our best to fit as much as we could on the shelves without adding clutter. We put the rest in the big cabinets below and boxed or donated the extra dishes.

9 Ways to Update a Hutch without Repainting It Fifth, we gave it a good cleaning and used furniture polish on it. Another few ideas we are thinking about doing is:

#6- Adding strips of decorative molding on to the shelves. The bottom shelf has this and we are still thinking about possibly putting it on the top 2 shelves.

#7- Add Crown molding to the top of it to extend up higher and/or touch the ceiling.

#8- Add lights to the top of the hutch that throw a glow up around it. (We tried this but the hutch is too close to the ceiling to get the desired effect). If you are interested in the look below I found it on this blog here.

#9- Change out the hardware. Since the hardware (vintage) styles have come back around we decided to leave it. If your hardware is outdated try to find unique and complimentary handles and pulls. If you are just missing a piece or have a broken handle you can actually fix it! I saw this tutorial this morning on Pinterest and thought it was genius. Click here if you need to make or replace a handle.

Updating a hutch without repainting it

Updating a hutch doesn’t have to be expensive or take hours and hours of hard work. Making these small changes can really make a big difference with putting in only a small investment of time and money.

We lost the photo of it before with the glass, pushed in the corner, with a lot of clutter and no under-mount lights but please trust me when I say that the change was very drastic. With these updates this hutch went from a bit of an eyesore, to a gorgeous room focal point.

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Original article and pictures take http://livelikeyouarerich.com/couponing-for-beginners-11-tips-that-will-save-you-thousands/#O1CQKI48z7EHqpZp.32 site

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