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A Redesigned Master Bedroom and Nursery Suite in Navy Blue and White with Fresh Mommy Blog

A Redesigned Master Bedroom and Nursery Suite in Navy Blue and White with Fresh Mommy Blog

A Redesigned Master Bedroom and Nursery Suite in Navy Blue and White with Fresh Mommy Blog

Tabitha! How do you do it all! Your room looks amazing and you just moved in! We’ve lived in our house for almost 5 years and it doesn’t look this put together.

I had a red wall in the master of my condo and loved it.

Awe! Haha. It was a push to get it done, but I love having a space to really relax and settle in to

Oh wow! This transformation is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours you chose and the decor. It’s showroom style yet totally cozy!

Well done lady!


Thank you SO much!!! That means a lot to me! XO

Your desk was a nightstand?! Genius! And I love, love, love the paint choices you picked out. Everything is perfect!

Thank you so much!!! Yeah, I loved having it as a nightstand

WOW the room looks great! Its amazing. You did a great job. Its crazy how much some color can do.

Thanks girl, and I know right?! Just a touch of color changes the entire room!!

I love the little nook you created for the baby. So cute. I really like the hanging signage too, it’s so unique. Great idea.

Love the makeovers, theyre absolutely beautiful rooms! I love that vesper has voc paints. We actually ordered paint online because we couldn’t find a local store that had voc paint so that I could paint my daughters nursery and crib and have it be safe.

You did an awesome job with the bedroom! I really love the colors that you picked, the blue compliments everything and it makes the room look classy and elegant. You were very creative with reusing what you previously had!

You room looks adorable! Totally cool!

That is a beautiful makeover of a room. I’m always looking for inspiration to do some projects in my apt. This gives me a couple of ideas. Thanks

Oh my gosh what a beautiful space. I love those design colors.

Wow I really love the transformation of your room!

I love painting walls in my DIY home projects. Thanks for sharing your beautiful post utilizing Valspar paints. I heard of them, but haven’t tried them yet. Now I am curious! I am styling each room in our home one at a time again so I just might get a can of theirs!

I love it! It all looks great. I especially like the reading chair underneath the sign that says to do more of what you love. That’s what I am all about!

This looks absolutely amazing! I need a space like this for me. Minus the nursery of course since my kids are passed that

Can’t get any cooler than this! I love how you were sink in those styles into one melting pot. Everything looks clean and bright for long term as well. Cheers!

Wow, this room looks really great! I will keep this so when I get another kid, I will turn our room like that!

I like the output of this room. It would be so nice to convert a master bedroom into a nursery room.

My goodness, the room looks amazing & I think you have done a wonderful job to get such remarkable change over. The pictures are good enough to tell you the hard work you have put in to it. The color & theme, everything is just perfect!

Do more of what you love. This is so inspirational, especially for the freelancers who work from home. Home decor is stunning.

My brain works better in a cozy environment too. Everything here looks nice.

Wow what a perfectly put together room. It looks Designer. I love the Retro look of the comfy chair and those floor rugs Wow. And you just moved in? Amazing!

Now this is what I call a trasformation, this is really nice done tabitha. I am loving the new master and nursery rooms. Love it

Since moving to Florida and subsequently living in rented spaces, we’ve moved a few times. Through every move, though, one of my main priorities is to make our bedroom space an inviting oasis. No matter whether renting or owning, creating a cozy and relaxing space to unwind and call “your own” is so important. My brain also works differently when I’m in a clean and put-together space; I can mentally and physically relax more when items have a place and I feel like the space around me is taken care of. In a room with less clutter, I have less to clutter my mind and that helps me to better take care of myself.

When Valspar invited me to check out their full line of Zero VOC paints, which are free from harsh fumes and Volatile Organic Compounds that can negatively impact indoor air quality, I thought it was the perfect time to add a little color and drama to our newest Master Bedroom + Nursery suite. I was playing with and choosing paint colors while pregnant and knew that once our baby was born, we’d be in the room together, so I was all about finding products that would be safer for all of us, and also for the environment, while still having high quality and durability. I was excited to discover that With Valspar Signature Zero VOCᵻ, we were able to paint with one coat, giving us that high quality we were looking for without compromising our air. We went with Ultra White to freshen and clean up the majority of the walls, and decided on Chimney Smoke from our paint swatching day for a dramatic accent wall!

A fresh coat always brings a neutral space to life! It was easy to bring in items that we already had because the dark blue/gray color of the new accent wall is still technically a neutral color; it just adds dimension to the room and allows the bronze, golds and textured creams and whites to really pop. It’s a dark enough color to infuse personality too, which means you don’t have to do a lot to make the space exciting.

I always like to bring in layers of texture with textiles, like rugs and pillows, because it adds such an element of coziness to a room. Just give me all the rugs and pillows, please! I am that person that can keep adding these and need to edit myself.

We reused many items, like the Nursery Wardrobe Shelf we made, Skylar’s old crib, the New-Sew Banner and our Ikea Hack Nightstands we DIY’d for our master bedroom before. Then of course we DIY’d some new elements as well, like the DIY Rolling Garment Rack.

Since there was room in this space for a small desk, I actually converted one of our Ikea Hack Nightstands into a small workspace, and used simple wooden clasp hangers to show some art (including the print from our Inspiration Board) and tie it all together.

To be honest, this was the first time I’d painted with such a dark color (well, maybe second time, I have used chocolate brown before), and, I have to say, I’m thrilled with how the room turned out. Simple, happy, dramatic – without being overpowering. It’s perfect for the wide variety this room holds; not overly feminine or overly masculine for our master bedroom and sweet enough to encompass our nursery nook into the design.

What about you? Have you painted with dark or bold colors in your home or master bedroom? I’d love to hear about it!

A Redesigned Master Bedroom and Nursery Suite in Navy Blue and White with Fresh Mommy Blog

*This product contains 0 g/L VOC as calculated within the margin of error by EPA Method 24

Original article and pictures take http://freshmommyblog.com/new-master-bedroom-nursery-nook/ site

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