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Always Remember Your First Time Buyer [Infographic]

Always Remember Your First Time Buyer [Infographic]

Always Remember Your First Time Buyer [Infographic]

Here’s an intimate look at everything you need to know about the key first time buyer demographic. Remember, 38% of home buyers are first-timers!

First Time Home Buyers in Age Group

76% of millennials (33 and younger) buying a house a first time home buyers.

35% of the 34-48 age group are first time buyers.

16% of the 49-58 age group are first time home buyers.

11% of the home buyers 59+ are on the market for the first time.

Marital Status

51% of first time home buyers are married couples. Another 11% are unmarried couples.

25% are single females, and only 11% are single males.

Financing Information

The average annual income for a first time home buying couple is $68,000. It is about $51,000 for a single male and $43,000 for a single female buying a house. 73% of buyers used their own savings as a down payment. 22% received gift funds to help with the payment. And 98% used a mortgage option, most vying for the fixed rate mortgage.

Former Living

Most of your first time home buyers will come from a rental property such as an apartment. Another 20% will have previously lived with parents or other family friends.

Always Remember Your First Time Buyer [Infographic] by HouseHunt

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