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How To Boost Your Credit Score Trick

How To Boost Your Credit Score Trick

How To Boost Your Credit Score Trick

Here’s a video company president Nate Davis produced to help boost your

credit score, explaining how your score affects your mortgage terms –

rates, costs, etc. Call if you have any questions -813.707.6200.

This didn’t blow my mind, it was more like a hand job.. now I gotta see

what day my statement is reported

+david Johnson HA!

Lot’s of good information!

Thank you for the info!!! do you operate in other states like PA for


Nice trick!

lexinton law was suck , theu r not good

4:35 to hear the trick.

+trafficiskey Sorry, we only conduct business in Florida. Thanks for

watching, though and watch for future videos.

try scorecrafter.com for legit honest credit repair.i went and met with

harry face to face and he has been getting some old collections and

mistakes off my credit report and my scores starting to climb some..you can

go to his office and talk face to face if your in or around deland,

fl..there are many fakes out there today who will take your money and not

do a thing for you.

+Florida Mortgage Firm Welcome!!!

great video

Pay before your statement closing date… thats it.. if you dont know the

date, simply call the credit card company…this date is just as important

as your due date!!

If you owe nothing on your bill statement your not earning trust.You want

the best credit score possible from credit cards need to owe 1% to 9% of

your available credit card limit on your upcoming bill statement.then pay

it down to zero once it’s printed.But sometimes due to weekends ect bill

statements don’t always get printed on the same day each month so always

check to see if it’s been printed yet. before paying it in full.Last thing

you want to do is owe nothing on your bill statement.

That is indeed true..: I recently figured this out 3 months ago when I was

studying my credit score and report.

How do you know if the bill’s already printed or not?

the bill statement most times gets printed on the same day each month but

sometimes due to holidays and weekends it could be printed early or even 3

days late.2 ways to find out if your bill statement has been printed or not

is online banking or call the credit card company for me my bill statement

starts to update in the morning around 3am in the morning but is not fully

updated until 6 or 7 hours later and that’s when i pay it in full.

Hey are you still into repairing bad credit… If so, id like to connect

with ya…. Check out my channel for some killer credit repair videos… We

have a killer 6 figure movement going on… In respect I won’t post a


6 minutes to tell you to keep your credit cards at 5-10% utilization. Oh

and your statement balance is what reports to credit agencies. Damn. Shitty


I have nothing on my credit report but my score is low can i boost it fast

Hey do you have an coaching program teaching how to better my credit score

I would not exactly call it a coaching program. But our loan officers who

are licensed in credit repair will gladly help you when beginning the

mortgage process. They know a multitude of tactics.

Yes, there typically are several things you can do to make your score

spike, but it all depends on what your credit profile looks like.

well ok that will be great then..so what i have to do

Call us at 813-707-6200.

+Florida Mortgage Firm ok got you

Thanks for sharing this. Lots of good information on how to improve your

credit score.

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Sorry men’s my spikes and espanis

Do you want to increase your credit scores? Do you need to know your

current scores?

While Federal Trade Commission requires each of the three national credit

reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax and Transunion-to supply you with an

annual credit report,

these reports don’t provide your actual credit score. While there are

several ways to get your score.



THREE BUREAUS. , If you are having issues with how to fix your credit then

you contact: allusivirus2009@solution4u.com or text him +1 305 501 8462

In this video is a mind-blowing secret that will instantly help boost your credit score. When getting a mortgage to buy a home, tips like this will help you get the best deal

Original article and pictures take http://durac.org/how-to-boost-your-credit-score-trick/ site

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