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How To Boost Your Credit Score

How To Boost Your Credit Score

How To Boost Your Credit Score


How much do you charge to clean up credit?

Great tips Lynnette. Scores are too much important to ingore them!


Would it be possible to get a $25k-$30k loan with a credit score of 540, a

co-signer, and a $3k-$5k security deposit?

Also I had just gotten rejected for a secured credit card loan, I don’t

understand why though..

Thanks! I’m finally leaening the correct way to use my credit cards!!!

The information that is out there is limitless. This is exactly what my

company helps people to do is to improve their credit rating, eliminate

debt, and grow their income.


it makes me so mad Ive bought 12 cars over my life and payed them off

perfectly, but the van I bought for my x wife, I told her Im not paying for

it anymore, default is the ONLY one on my report – crap – its a racket.

Haha, her “advice” boils down to “pay them, pay them, pay them! Pay them

now, pay them every month and pay them forever!” I wonder who’s paying her?

People make mistakes, and corporations take full advantage of it! Nothing

changes unless you want it to, and do something about it!

That was no help at all!

I’m sorry But save your damn money for what you want to buy. Millionaires

don’t need credit cause they just buy what they want, why? Because they

have the funds. The banks, FIOCS credit scoring and people who give credit

advice get paid to take your money. If that’s the case, just open the

window and throw your money out! Yes it’s all a game to keep you enslaved

to debt, robbing Paul to pay Peter. What’s the use of having good credit

when your broke?

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach gives tips on how to improve your credit score.

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Original article and pictures take http://durac.org/how-to-boost-your-credit-score/ site

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