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How to start a Credit Repair Business (Webinar)

How to start a Credit Repair Business (Webinar)

How to start a Credit Repair Business (Webinar)

Hi Daniel

Not sure if you read these but figured I would try.

I’m an American but I move around, all over the world and was wondering how

I can send the dispute letters and them not knowing I’m over sea’s?


Hi MarkHow nice that you’re traveling all over the world! And yes, you can

operate a credit repair business from wherever you happen to be, as long as

you have a computer and internet connection, but as far as the letters…

Generally speaking, you’d want to send the letters on behalf of your

clients. But if you’re traveling all over the world, in that case you

might want to export the dispute letters as PDF and forward them to your

clients to sign and send if they are in the US. If you’re a Credit Repair

Cloud user, we have this all built in. The letter wizard will export as

PDF and then you can attach it to an email or to a Secure message in the

Credit Repair Cloud Client Portal.

I hope this helps. Have a great rest of your day/night wherever in the

world you are today!

+Mark Puckett You may be able to call a US based mail company to send your

mail for you… just send them and email with a pdf attachment.

That sounds good. I will do that.

Thank you.

Though still a area to enter, my problem is I am and I would have no

problem meeting clients. However I am outside the USA and UK. Is this

still possible to set up effectively without meeting corporations?

very important for all. I’ m in

Hi Daniel, can I be a re-seller for credit repair software?

That my desire to to travel and run our business!! So this inspired me!

Awesome to hear Daniel! I am excited! I am a mom of 5!!

That should work. I’m back in USA until Nov then to Nepal so I want to try

this before I go again, the last business did not work so I need to make

sure it works for me and any clients I get. Thanks again.

So I’m thinking Skype for calls and working on mail forwarding service but

will probably have client do it.

Don’t know how mail in Nepal is but guessing not great, lol

Begin a credit rating repair work business. Webinar on how you can run a lucrative credit history repair business including Daniel Rosen as well as Keenan Jones of Credit history Repair service Cloud and also special visitor from the American Credit rating Repair Academy

Original article and pictures take http://durac.org/how-to-start-a-credit-repair-business-webinar/ site

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