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How to Write a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan


My name is Kenny and I want to start an e shop in europe to dealing with African Art can you send me a template for a business plan.

Here are some tips on starting an art gallery: http://www.artsbusinessinstitute.org/blog/opening-an-art-gallery/

And this one: http://blog.art21.org/2010/10/07/running-a-gallery-on-a-shoestring-budget/#.V-B7XJMrJmA

Here’s is a sample business plan: http://www.mendel.ca/files/2012_Remai_Business_Plan.pdf

And another: https://www.artgalleryofnovascotia.ca/sites/default/files/Business-Plan-2015-16.pdf

And a final one: http://businessplans.fimark.net/sample_business_plan_art_gallery.html

I don’t know a ton about european business regulations, so you’ll want to read up on that.


I want to start my own Salsa business. I make a unique salsa with a great flavor. Want to start small and have my product in farm markets and continue to expand into larger market areas. Need help on business plan and legalities of a food canning business.

Here a business plan for starting a wholesale food manufacturing business: http://www.bplans.com/wholesale_food_manufacturer_business_plan/executive_summary_fc.php

Here’s some tips on getting into the farmer’s market: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/start-farmers-market-business-3445.html

Check out an interview we shot with Mokotsi Rokundo, who started a salsa business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEuNFtlax3k


I would like to start a laundry business. Maybe a coin laundry mat. Helpful websites please

Hi Lisa,

Here are some sites that can help with starting your laundry business:

Sample Business Plan:


Definitely read this one – it’s a story from a couple who started a laundromat and it’s full of do’s and dont’s:


Great article from Entrepreneur.com on how to start a laudromat.


How much will it cost to start a laundromat?


Seems pretty expensive so you’ll probably want to look into raising capital unless you already have a lot saved up. Maybe look into grants from SBA.gov by reading this article: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/grants-start-laundromat-18992.html

Here’s another site about how to get money for a laundromat:



Here are the common sources of funding for buyers of Laundromats:

1. Cash from checking and savings accounts

2. Conventional bank loans

3. SBA loans

4. Loans (or leases) from companies specializing in Laundromat loans

5. Retirement funds (401k, pensions and IRA accounts)

6. Sales of stocks and bonds

7. Gifts from family

8. Loans from family and friends

9. Certificates of deposit

10. Second trust deeds on real property owned by buyer

11. Lines of credit from buyer’s bank

12. Seller provide loans

13. Credit card financing

14. Loans from manufacturers

15. Proceeds from the sale of personal property or other real estate

16. Trades of real property or personal property


Good morning. I want to start a business where I teach people various crafts and sell.

How would a business plan look for this? Thank you and Kind Regards.

Hi there,

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you want to do. It sounds like you want to teach people arts and crafts. So you’d be a teacher or a tutor. If so…

Here’s a business plan for a tutoring business, which will be similar to what you want to do:


Here’s another:


Here’s 10 tips for starting your own arts and craft classes:


One idea I had for you – try to identify several niche markets you could target with your services. What about After-School programs? They need something educational and entertaining for kids to do. Your business could fulfill that need.


I want to open my own clothing brand and really have a hard time finding a simple but readable document could you help me out ?

Here’s a rough step-by-step plan for breaking into the fashion industry from our book Build Your Dreams

Fashion Designer

Identify and track your fashion inspirations on Pinterest or an actual pinboard. Pick a type of fashion to focus on — women’s, footwear, accessories, etc.

Create sketches.

Take a class or workshop in drawing and sketching to get better.

Purchase fabric.

Learn to sew online or in a class.

Buy a mannequin to work with.

Start making clothes for friends.

Get an internship or apprenticeship with a designer.

Consider fashion school.

Develop a business plan for selling your original work.

Develop a physical and online portfolio of your work to share with others.

Participate in local runway events.

Plan your own fashion show.

Find a local retailer to carry your fashion line.

Open your own retail or online store.

Here’s a sample business plan for a clothing manufacturer: http://www.bplans.com/clothing_manufacturer_business_plan/executive_summary_fc.php

Finally, we have a friend that is in the fashion industry and runs Indie Source Apparel: http://indiesource.com/ Their mission is to: “DEVELOP & PRODUCE YOUR FASHION LINE IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA” If that’s something you’re interested in, contact Zack: info@indiesource.com


Wow, really insightful. I am encouraged by this post. Please is there a PDF version of the Jewellery creation studio business planning?

Hello, I want to start a cake and candy supply business? Help please!

Hi Darvina,

Sounds like you’ll want to take a look at wholesaler business plans in the food industry. Here’s a few to check out…

Wholesale food business plan


Here’s a coffee distributor business plan that may be similar:


Then, obviously you’ll need to read up on the specifics of the candy/cake producer industry. Do some googling or talk to a local candy shop owner to do your research. I’d imagine there’s FDA guidelines to adhere to, sanitation standards, you’ll need warehouse space, marketing strategy to reach retailers, sales staff, raw materials to create the product, staff to keep up with demand. But the cool part is you get to bascially be Willy Wonka!


Would like to make hand crafted shabby chic wedding signs.

Here’s a couple articles to check out for a wedding stationary business:



Also, check out the interview we filmed with Sugar Taylor, who runs a wedding stationary business: http://thedreamshareproject.com/blog/2012/09/26/making-a-living-as-an-artist/


Business plan for floral shop and financing ideas

Hi Ann,

Here is a business plan for a Florist: http://www.bplans.com/florist_business_plan/executive_summary_fc.php

And here is a sample budget with example expenses and projected revenue (*note: these are all estimates) for a florist: http://www.bplans.com/florist_business_plan/financial_plan_fc.php

As for financing ideas, I would refer you to Chapter 8 of our book “Build Your Dreams” which details the various ways you can raise money for your dream. We provide how-to guides and discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each fundraising method:

1. Day Job

2. Fundraising Events

3. Crowdsourcing Websites (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo)

4. Sponsorships and In-kind Donations

5. Scholarships and Fellowships

6. Grants

7. Contests and Prizes

8. Investors

9. Take on a Loan

10. Credit (use caution!)


I would like to sell spring water. Any ideas

Hi Nikki,

Here’s an example business plan for a bottled water manufacturing business. http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/business-plans/Business-Plans-Volume-04/Bottled-Water-Manufacturer.html

I’d recommend doing some research on how people in a similar industry have found success, raises start-up capital, etc. Step 1 is to research and write a business plan, so focus on that for now.


what of business plan sample for poultry incubators and poultry farming

Hi Calvin, here’s an example business plan for a poultry farm. http://www.practicalbusinessideas.com/2014/07/complete-poultry-farming-business-plan.html

I’d recommend doing some research on how people in a similar industry have found success, raises start-up capital, etc. Step 1 is to research and write a business plan, so focus on that for now.


What if I want to go into manufacturing?

What kind of manufacturing? Here’s a sample business plan for starting a Bicycle Manufacturing Business: http://www.bplans.com/bicycle_manufacturer_business_plan/executive_summary_fc.php

The best way to learn the language and structure of business plans is to look at real-life examples. Some great resources to check out are:




And at the bottom of the post we’ve listed some sample plans.

This is a list of elements most business plans should include, but be sure to research the specific requirements of your industry.

Elements of a Business Plan:

Cover page: Business name and contact information.

Table of contents: Lists all the sections of the plan and page numbers.

Executive summary: One-page overview that summarizes the whole report.

Business description: How your business satisfies a need.

Business environment analysis: What is the outlook for the industry you are getting into? Why is it a good time to start this type of business?

Industry background: your experience in the industry or other qualifications.

Competitor analysis: Prove that there is a market for this product or service by listing competitors who have had success in the field. Then, point out competitors’ weaknesses and how you plan to be better than them.

Target market: Describe which demographic will want your product. For example, new parents living in the suburbs.

Marketing plan: Describe how you plan to reach your target audience. For example, Internet advertising, phone calls and email, billboards, commercials, or magazine ads.

Management summary: Who is in charge, why are they qualified, and what is their vision for the business?

Operations plan: Describe the process of creating your product from start to finish. Where and how will you produce your product/service? How will you assure quality? What raw materials do you need? Who will be your suppliers?

Financial plan: Describe your plans to get funding, what expenses you are expecting, and how you will generate revenue over time.

Attachments and milestones: Include any other relevant information, achievements, or awards.

Here are some more industry-specific sample business plans to check out:

Open a gym or studio (updated version)

*if you don’t see your business idea on this list, check out bplans.com

Original article and pictures take http://thedreamshareproject.com/roadtripblog/2013/05/01/how-to-write-a-business-plan/ site

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