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I invite you to try the 52 week money savings challenge!

I invite you to try the 52 week money savings challenge!

I invite you to try the 52 week money savings challenge!

do you know of or can you devise a 26 week challenge for those that get paid every two weeks

Hello! I just uploaded another template onto google docs. You can save in dollar increments biweekly with it. Feel free to print it off! I made one that goes backwards as well if you prefer to save more money towards the beginning of the year, and less towards the end!

Ok, so Iove this idea, even have my teens excited about it. However would I be a pain to ask you to do a biweekly backwards????

Hi Rose!

I have both forward and backward templates for the biweekly one. They are on the same page. You can find them under the \"52 Week Money Challenge\" tab at the top of this page. (:

:) you can double this wehn you invest it properly....

There's a biweekly option

Print out for alternate amounts weekly? $1, $52, $2, $51, $3, $50...works out to $53 every 2 weeks...easier to budget in rather than it growing to all larger amounts at once!


What a fantastic idea! Is there anyway you could send me a copy of the label on the jar to be able to track my giving? Thanks so much!

Hi Rick!

I uploaded several different templates onto google docs (See links above in this post). Just select the savings template that you prefer and it should load and be printable. If you are having any issues with printing the template with google docs, please let me know.


Hi! These are really good. I did notice a slight error on the biweekly template, though; it says \"Dec 23 - Dec 31\", when it should say \"Dec 17 - Dec 31\".

Thanks for making these :)

Thanks for letting me know! I will have to correct it (:

Just one question: How big is the jar you're using?

I got the jar from the cafeteria at my university, so it is a very large jar. I know stores like TJ Maxx, Wal mart, etc. have fun jars that you could use!

Hi - love this idea - but I cannot access the print out sheets - can you email them to me please? - many thanks :)

Hi Tiffany!

I will certainly email them to you!

Just email me letting me know which ones you would like!


Hey Kay Tek, I am on Disability and only get paid Monthly can you make one for a monthly save or tell me where to go and get it.thank you.

Hi Robert,

I went ahead and uploaded a monthly template for you!

It is up by all the other templates!

Hope this helps!

Awesome idea thanks for share

This is a fantastic idea even my daughter got interested in saving this way! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!!

So awesome! Im going to make them for my kids also,but my two youngest i will use pennies or nickels that they earn :)

You can also save double the amound weekly or biweekly. Like 1-week 1, 2-week 2 , 4-week3, 8-week4, just double the money each time. You will save more but also more will come out of your pocket at the end

I need a Monthly saving spreadsheet for this one.. I am on Disability and only get paid Monthly.can anyone help.

Hi Robert!

I added a monthly template for you!

It is up by all the other templates. I have one that goes forward and backwards in dollars.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for sharing these savings plans! I am blessed in receiving such a wonderful and painless ways to save and also teach this principle to my grandchildren. May you receive favor and a two fold blessing!


Stopping over from Mason Jar Crafts, I might give this a whirl! Thank you for sharing it.

Cant get the templets to open

Hi Karen!

You may have to download the template first in order to print it.

If that doesn't work, feel free to email me which ones you would like and I can send them your way!


Great Idea. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your inspiration! I have used your post to inspire a post of my own and give you a little \"shout out\" of thanks! :)


~Nikki T

Smart Tarts Learning

Is there an updated weekly goal (dollar) for 2014?

How nice, I will change the dollar onto euro for my template. Is it ok to use your picture of the jar on my (dutch) blog? Ofcourse I'll link to your blogpost.

Absolutely! Thank You! (:

Hey Kay I love this I idea but I can't open the links do you think you can send the boo biweekly one top me in an email.


Thank you so much. I look forward to your email.

Hi there! looking forward to implimenting this ASAP! My kids are going to love doing this too. I am not able to download the template. could you send it to me or help me download it. When I click the link there is not a template. Thanks!!!

I'm going to use one of the kid piggy bag cans that you have to use a can opener to access. I'm also changing it slightly. I'm choosing the dollar amount I want to have saved by the beginning of December - for me $900 is good, and then I'll change up the amounts so that I won't have a month where I'm having to save an overly large sum. My weeks 1, 2, and 3 will be the same but week 4 will be the amount I'd have to put away for week 42. Then week 5, 6 and 7 will be the same but week 8 will be what I'd save for week 41 etc. Get it?

This challenge is a smart way to earn your emergency fund. It should build a habit of saving in us too and remove the wrong money values we've had for so long. http://www.21stcenturynews.com.au/5-common-money-mistakes/

Such a great idea. My daughter had found your idea and emailed it to me. I started the $1 one and also the .50

I think this is a great idea - and the quarter challenge is fantastic for kids old enough to earn money with extra chores. I'm a little concerned about those of us who might be tempted to 'borrow' from the jar (sales do happen!!). In order to encourage restraint, I just have a specific amt transferred from my checking account (monthly for me) into a Christmas club account with my bank. I don't have to remember to 'put money in the jar' and the jar isn't handy for someone to 'borrow a few bucks' now and then. I started with $100.00 so by December I'll have $1200.00. It's easy, painless, took about 15 minutes online to setup and then I'm not tempted to 'borrow'. To keep the fun in it, I have the mason jar set up with the template attached and I my drop loose change in it every day with a colorful slip of paper showing the current balance in my Christmas account. It's amazing how the loose change adds up - another $200-300 a year! It's also very adjustable for those on different income levels to adapt.

Hi there, do you have a template for English pounds? Thanks Jenny

Hi! Do you have one weekly for 2015 as well?

Hi! Do you have one for 2015 weekly as well?

You can use the same chart year after year! The day may be off by one on leap years, but other than that you should be good.

Good Luck!


Can you send me a sheet for bi-weekly saving?

Thank You!

Hi Riva,

I just posted pictures of each of the charts for you to download and print if Google Docs does not work.

Good Luck!

can you do one for british pounds please

can you one for British pounds please

Hi. Hate to bug you but I can't get the template to print, either. Tried multiple times, and although it shows up, when I try to print the page is blank..... I would like the $1 weekly form for me and the $0.50 for my kids if you could email them to me... libby.inglett@gmail.com Thanks for such a great idea!

Hi Libby,

I just posted pictures of each of the charts on this post for you to download if Google Docs does not work.

Good Luck!

This so smart! I just printed one for me and one for my sister. We will be saving together! Thanks for sharing.

Good Luck!!!

What about bi-weekly backwards?

Hi Mandii,

The bi-weekly backwards chart is on the same sheet at the regular biweekly chart.

Couldn't wait to get started I already put $10 in to cover the first four weeks of January as I know I'll forget and printed out the biweekly to use! Also blogged about it at http://www.lifeasyouliveit.blogspot.com/2013/12/52-week-money-savings-challenge.html

Can someone please email me the label print out sheets I can't download my email address is lagordaanita@gmail.com thank you Anita

I just posted pictures of the forms on this post for you to download if Google Docs does not work. Good Luck!

Those links are no longer live.


If the links are not working, I have just posted pictures of each of the forms on this post for you to download.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the idea. I made up my own, off of this. Instead of going to the end of the year, I am going to the friday before black friday so I have money to buy presents :) I changed it to work for me. Higher amounts when we get taxes, which will be easier. Lower amounts towards the end of the year when things are harder. So thanks for the idea :) Got it printed and ready to go

Do you have a Template for Indian Rupees aswell.

I just made a template based on these that are consistently around 106$ a month and it doesn't hit hard at one time in the year over others. I put the forwards on the odd weeks and the backwards on the evens and paired the amounts as well so that the backwards evens were even $ amounts and the forwards odds were the odd $ amounts. This works best for me so that I am not dishing out 200+ in any month.

I am rolling! Laughed so hard at the psychology of trying 20 different savings plans. I am always looking for a better bible study plan, housecleaning plan, etc Thanks for the post!

well, people have different financial constraints. So it's a matter of saving in a way that works for each individual. When money is real tight, it might look funny to another person but it's their reality for the day. :)

well it really has to do with choosing an amount that suits your budget constraints. That will look different for everyone. One amount might seem ridiculous to another person but if that is what you have, then it is what it is. :)

Thank You so much!!!! I did this money challenge last year (2014). I had never been a person that could save money but I really wanted to celebrate my daughter's birthday and visit the family out of the country for Christmas. I set up four different envelopes with goal written on top. Come to find out that I saved over $4,000. Hello!! Obviously I am going to do it again. Wondering if you have a template for a summer vacation. Starting January and ending in May. It's funny how some friends and family want to do it now. I have printed a their templates already. ; )


If you have this for those paid semi monthly can you please email it to me at your earliest convenience my email is fbrown230@gmail.com

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Hello and thank you for this awesome idea. I am not able to print. Can you send me the weekly & by weekly to my email address (celia.aguilera@gmail.com. Thsnk you ahead of time.

Thank you so much! What a great idea. I am going to do the dollar, backwards, and have my stepdaughter do the quarter one. I can teach her how a little bit of savings really adds up.

This is an awesome reminder! We used to do this when we were younger - by putting our coins into a piggy bank. Now, it's \"official\" with trackings! Heh, thanks for the tips and efforts on preparing those templates too!

Happy 2015 to you too!



This is an awesome reminder! We used to do this when we were younger - by putting our coins into a piggy bank. Now, it's \"official\" with trackings! Heh, thanks for the tips and efforts on preparing those templates too!

Happy 2015 to you too!



Great idea ^_^ Thank you for share!

I'll start saving now (I think the monthly chart will be the easy way for me)

Regars from Brazil!

Hey, is there any way you could make it to where you don't pay increasments, but instead you pay evenly. For examle, instead of paying 50$ in increased savings, you pay 20$ or however much weekly, thanks

I already put away my change as well as a specified amount from my tax returns as well as $50/month in cash, BUT, I'm still going to do this! lol I want to try and buy a house in 2019, so another fun way of putting money away is something I'm totally down for! I've decided to try and do the .25 this year and maybe next year do the .50 and if possible, keep adding more, all depending on what I can earn here at home! I want to do them all backward though and don't have the program to make my own. Would it be possible to get the .25 and .50 ones backward? I would so appreciate it! :)

Thank for the idea.i now have 5jars for myself in different plans & 4 jars of 25cents for my kids to save on their own.i'm bad at IT stuffs,so i just screenshot the templates wz my hp & print it..n voila,it works..hahaha..thanks so much.

Xoxo frm singapore..

Greatest idea..i now have 5jars for myself in different savings plan & 4jars at 25cents for my kids for them to save on their own.i'm bad at IT stuffs,so i just screenshot the templates pics wz my hp & print it...n voila,it works..hahaha..thank you sooooo much.

Xoxo frm singapore

Thanks for sharing such a great tool! I've shared it with my networks at the Financial Basics Foundation - http://financialbasics.org.au

This is a great idea and will help save up for an upcoming vacation to Europe! Do you still have the template that is backwards (more now less later?) I thought I saw it but can't seem to find it here or in the google docs. Are you able to email it? Thanks in advance!


Hi! Are you able to come up with a template based on the weeks of 2015?

What a great idea and fun way to save money!! Thanks Kay. I'm sending this to my workmates to all try and save. My sister emailed it to me and I followed it your blog.

Thank you for sharing this. I wouldn't have found it if I wouldn't have followed a link on Facebook. I wanted to jump ahead as well.

This is such a great idea! Thank you for having different templates! I'm trying the dollar increments and I'm hoping I'll be able to save some money! :D

Let's rise a bar a bit bit higher.. You can save every MONTH double of what you saved previous month, starting with 1$/EUR in January.. anybody willing to try?

I did this this year and I will be able to go to Aruba in Feb 2016, TY soooo much!!!! Will do it again!

did this this year and I will be able to go to Aruba in Feb 2016 because of it, TY sooo much and I will do it again!!

(: Isabelle, thank you so much for the sweet comments!! Enjoy your trip to Aruba, you deserve it 100%!

I did this last year very successfully but I changed it up a bit. I did wk 1 - $1, wk 2 - $52, wk 3 - $2, wk 4- $51 and so on...this made it easier to break up the big amounts. Thanks for the great idea though.

Enjoy Julie! Good luck!! (:

The only bad thing I see is December will cost you about 200. I thought about what Julie Sebring suggested, but then just thought $26. A week returns the same results.

Oh my gosh!!! Love this! Thank You for the templates just print then and label the 4 Jar's so excited to finish this challenge.

Yes! Very excited for you! Good luck!! (:

I cannot access the charts - I've tried three times! Can you mail me the $1.00 chart and the 50 cent one?

Yes! Please send me an email and I will send them over (: lifeasyouliveit@gmail.com

any chance you could do this with £ instead of $ as i know here in the UK we could do with this

This is sensational - got the whole family thinking about saving!

Nice one!



the life coach

Awesome! That is great to hear! Good luck!!

Did you glue or tape the chart to the jar?

I just taped my chart on the jar with packing tape (:

Did you glue or tape the chart to the jar?

Or another way is.... Once you save $26 in the 26th Week, during the 27th Week save $26 again and work you way back down to $1 in the last week, sure this will only net $702 by the end of the year, but it'll work for people who get scared of the bigger amounts and having just over $700 by the end of the year isn't something to complain about... that could be your Christmas money OR put a dent in your debt OR just keep adding to it to watch your savings grow!

Thank you for sharing such great information. It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on Best Saving Plans, i am interested and would like to know more about this field and wanted to understand the basics of Savings plan

Update 12/30/2014: I just posted pictures of each of the charts for you to download if Google Docs does not work. Hope this helps! -Kaylie

Update 04/24/2015: I have been receiving a handful of inquiries as to where to find a jar similar to the one I used. This one found on amazon is very similar!

Looking for an easy way to have an extra $1,378 in your pocket next Christmas for all those December expenses!!?

I invite you to try the 52 week money savings challenge!

I completed this challenge this past year and was able to have plenty of money in the bank for Christmas and then some… I'm talking over $700 left over to do with what I please.

It's very quite simple and extremely basic.

Each week of the year, you save that much in dollars!

Voila! By the third week in January you have already saved $6!

You keep doing that all the way through the end of the year so that come December you have cash in hand and are ready to shop!

…ORRR… maybe you're saving for a HOUSE, a TRIP, a WEDDING, or a CAR… ANYTHING!

Come and join the money savings fun with me and let me know how you do!

Want to make your kids save to? Have them save in quarters, either in 25 cent or 50 cent increments!

Print out these templates and paste them onto a jar!

I want to save in One Dollar increments!

I want to save in 50 Cent increments!

I want to save in 25 Cent increments!

I want to save in One dollar increments Backwards!

I want to save in dollar increments bi-weekly!

I want to save in dollar increments monthly!

Start your savings adventure NOW!

P.S. If you want to read some updates from my savings challenge last year… I have some posts here, here, and here!

Original article and pictures take http://lifeasyouliveit.blogspot.com/2013/12/52-week-money-savings-challenge.html site

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