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Thanks for watching her grow with me, friends. She’s one huge piece of my heart. Talk to you soon!

Thanks for watching her grow with me, friends. She’s one huge piece of my heart. Talk to you soon!

Thanks for watching her grow with me, friends. She’s one huge piece of my heart. Talk to you soon!

Two was wonderful for us too! Actually 2's and 3's. 4 is what about did me in :p but I think every kid is totally different! :)

You know, every kid and experience is so different. I'm just trying to hang on for dear life. Lol. It's so fun. Always entertaining to say the least. :)

Oh my goodness, the sweetness of this post is almost unbearable!

Charlotte has a beautiful mommy who has so much love - and oh how could you not love everything about her?! Tell Charlotte I have a sweet-tooth too ;)

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you, Jennifer!!! You are just the sweetest. This girl's sweet tooth is out of control. I have a feeling cavities are in our future. Lol. Hope you're having a good week!

all of those pictures are just so cute! I'm glad two was pretty standard for you. hopefully three is just as sweet with a side of drama. The drama can certainly be a little ridiculous at times ha.

Thank you! I know I probably broke every blogger rule in the amount of pics I posted, but I couldn't stop. :D I really hope she simmers down and turns sweet(er) again. I can handle the drama. She gets it from her mama after all. Lol.

She is such a little doll! I am so not ready for the threenager stage :( It is already rearing it's ugly head and I'm trying to soak up all the sweet moments and focus on them! Love following along with you + your darling Charlotte Grace! Hope you're having a great week, friend!

Thank you, Kelly! It has simmered down this week. We'll see what it brings tomorrow. Lol. Thanks for being one of our best internet friends! Hope you're having a good week!

My sweet girl has been three for a little over one full week now, and we are in full-fledged threenager mode. She’s sassier than ever, saying “no” more than ever, and has been pushing the boundaries more than her sweet self usually does. A lot of people talk about how terrible the two-year-old stage is, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad for us. I mean yes, she threw the occasional tantrum and had meltdowns because the sky was blue and not pink, but she’s a kid. She’s entitled. For the most part, two was a big, sweet year. It was a hard year for me personally, but she helped pull me through. That’s saying something for such a small little human. I’m actually going to miss the two-year-old stage. It was the year we became best buddies, and my heart grew a little more every day. Here are some things I loved about it.

For my sweet Charlotte.

1. Your independence. I loved how with each passing day you grew a little more independent. You grew just a little more confident, learning to take risks very carefully. And although you aren’t a huge risk-taker, you still have given me more gray hairs than I’d like to admit. I do love though that you can play by yourself now, yet you know just when to ask Mama to play with you. You still depend on me for lots, like brushing your hair and making your food, but your growing independence definitely makes me proud. I think this independence has also cultivated a bossy-pants mentality. Right on, sister. I just need you to remember who’s really boss.

2. Your laugh. You’ve been a giggler ever since I can remember, but this year, your smile and laughter has erased so much pain that I might have been going through at the time. You love to be silly and goofy, and your little personality has flourished this year. Thank you for that, my love. Please don’t ever lose that infectious laugh and sense of humor.

3. Your determination. You are more determined than any little mind I know. I swear you get it from your Daddy. You love puzzles and magnets and getting them just right. When you are focused on something, you will not stop until you’ve accomplished what you’ve set your mind to do. Sometimes this causes some frustration, but it’s teaching you patience. Determination will take you so many places.

4. Your curiosity. Sometimes you like to see what markers will do and if they’ll stain your face. Sometimes you like to see what will happen when you knock over all your blocks. And sometimes you like to see how long you can cry before Mommy or Daddy will come to the rescue. You’re learning, kid.

5. Your affection and sweetness. You love all your baby dolls and and any person who smiles at you. You always make sure that others are taken care of and happy, and it really is one of my favorite qualities about you. When you say, “Are you okay, baby?,” or “Aww, don’t cry, baby,” it makes my heart melt. And when you tuck in your baby dolls, give them a kiss, and tell them goodnight, my soul smiles.

6. Your facial expressions. They kill me. I don’t think these will ever go away, unfortunately, as you’re more than likely to have inherited my inability to hold a poker face. From wincing at a sour pickle or trying to be funny to make us laugh or giving attitude when you don’t want to do something, your facial expressions are priceless.

7. Your sweet tooth. Another trait you’ve inherited from your daddy. You love chocolate, cupcakes, cake, cookies, ice cream, you name it. You especially love to help your Daddy make breakfast on the weekends, and it’s a plus if it’s your favorite, blueberry pancakes. Let’s hope we’ve established good dental hygiene, because those sugar bugs are here to stay.

8. Your energy and love for the outdoors. Your energy this year has exploded. You love running and jumping, riding your tricycle, playing on the playground, swinging on the swing set, swimming, exploring nature, and just being outside. And I love to watch you in your element. It definitely helps me remember to stop and smell the roses.

9. Your ability to adapt and change. You were pretty good about listening to directions this year, and you’ve been such a champ at adjusting to going to “school.” You love school so much. And your ability to adapt to new environments amazes me and makes me one thankful mama (especially in restaurants). You even transitioned to a toddler bed from your crib, and you did an amazing job. Next thing we’ll work on is the potty. Let’s hope you’ll rock that, too. I’m praying that your listening skills continue to grow, because I hear year three may throw us some curve balls.

10. Your love for animals. You love your Roni, our pup. Although he has taken quite some time to warm up to you, when the two of you hug, it’s the sweetest. You also love bunnies, goats, chickens, cows, horses, ponies, and all the zoo animals. It’s been so fun to watch.

11. Your “girly-girl”ness. Oh, my love. You are an accessory queen! You always want a purse or a bow, and you love showing people your shoes or your princess dress. You’re my little twirler and tiny dancer, my little singer, my fancy girl, my princess lover extraordinaire. The songs you sing like, “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” are songs that will forever be engrained to memory. I love your sweet voice. And it’s even better if you’re singing in your beloved “Fancy Nancy” shoes, the red slippers you’ve affectionately named after reading your Fancy Nancy book. You are my little star.

12. Your love for books. You used to just flip through the pages in your board books, but this year, you grew to love the repetition of the stories. You can tell me what’s going to happen next, and you even laugh or “ooh” and “aww” when appropriate in a story. It makes your English teacher mama beam with pride.

13. Your sweet cuddles. Your hugs are the best things ever. And my most favorite time with you is when we’re just relaxing at home watching a movie. You’ve definitely learned how to sit and relax for an extended period of time, and it’s the greatest. Even if we have to watch The Sound of Music or Cinderella 100 times. You love all things Disney, and I am not mad about that, because it’s usually in that time that you’re cuddled up next to me on the couch.

14. Your evolving looks. From your growing curls to your slimming out face, you changed a ton this year. I’ve loved watching you grow into the little person you’re supposed to become. Those chubby cheeks are my favorite, and it makes me a little sad to see them disappearing. You’re most certainly losing your baby face, and I don’t ever want to forget it.

So you see, year two was pretty grand. I’m thankful for the memories. I don’t know when will be the last time I have to cut up your food, or the last time you’ll sit in your high chair, or the last time I have to change your diaper, or the last time you’ll ask me to hold your hand, but for now, I’m thankful for all that year two gave us. I can’t wait to see what will happen in year three, even if we do have to go through some growing pains. I love you, my darling Charlotte Grace. Don’t you ever forget it.

And because this is my place to hold my baby’s memories, I put together a slew of my favorite pictures documenting Charlotte’s year from February 2015 to February 2016, all in chronological order. She’s grown up right before my eyes. (Warning: Major photo overload for my sentimental mama heart.)

Thanks for watching her grow with me, friends. She’s one huge piece of my heart. Talk to you soon!

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