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Tips for a Successful Garage Sale!

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale!

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale!

As a seller, I will not mark an item for less than donation value. That isn’t to say an item won’t be sold for less but most of the time I’m not far off the mark. Anything that doesn’t sell gets boxed and dropped at goodwill for a nice tax deduction. I don’t need the garage sale money but I love to sell so I’m willing to let a cheapskate walk. I want to maximize the patron experience with clearly marked prices, bundled deals, major organization (where my OCD shines) and giving them strolling space. Let’s face it, if someone stops to check out your sale they’re in a buying mood and likely with a tidy sum of cash in tow. My goal is to tactfully help them find everything I have to offer that could possibly interest them and have them leave feeling great… because if there was something they didn’t buy but it lingers in their mind… I want zero hesitation from them to come racing back to snag it before it’s gone! I’ll also have a sign up with my first name and cell number so they can call back about an item later (this does work). I get compliments every time for great signage, ease of finding items and fair prices. The only quasi complaint is that I was the first stop on a day the couple planned for garage sales and they spent their wad all in one place! There are 2 keys for me. First, know what you’re selling, you’ll be able to spot a low-baller a mile away and be confident in telling them to take a hike. Second, think like the buyer. This really helps in setting up and creating an inviting, natural flow thru the sale area. If something is expensive, I print a brief summary from a qualified source explaining what it is and why it deserves the pricey tag on it. I like to have a unique large ticket item that is an eye catcher from the street, like a 125 gallon fish tank or something. If it sells early to someone local, I’ll offer free delivery after the last day of the sale so that it continues to draw people in for the duration of the sale. Bottom line, greet everyone with a friendly welcome, offer realistic prices, don’t make people ask “how much” and never forget that you’re trying to get rid of stuff so haggle a little (the language of the garage sale-er).

When my kids were younger we would always have tons of little happy meal type toys and trinkets. I would put them all in a wide but shallow box with a sign saying 10 cents each. The box would be a little to the side but within view. It was a kid magnet and kept them occupied while parents shopped. Then mom wouldn’t hesitate to let kids pick a few toys before leaving. Everyone was happy.

I love that there is so much emphasis in everyones comments on ORGANIZATION – it’s seriously so important that your sale is advertised in order for it to sell well – it’s so easy to give up looking for something when you have to HUNT for it! Also, in the advertising scheme of yard sales, I always find yard sales in my area to shop at on this website, it’s a life saver every time:) AND it’s free! Here’s the link: http://www.yardsalesearch.com/?rf=b

I plan my garage sales around pay days. I know when most businesses in town pay their employees and I plan accordingly. It makes a huge difference. I also “bundle” things together. If someone picks an item up to purchase, but leaves something that would look good with it, I give them a special “deal” on the 2 items. It makes everybody happy. In most cases they haven’t even noticed the other item!

I’m a huge garage sale SHOPPER and the best way to get me to spend money at your sale is to know the sizes of your clothing and if possible sort by size. I’ll typically walk to a sale with children’s clothes and ask what is the size range. If you don’t know I’ll leave immediately, I don’t have time to sort through everything you have to find want I need.

Also have an extension cord plugged in where shoppers can test electrical items. I won’t buy anything until I can guarantee that it works.

Hope that helps!

Are you thinking of doing a garage sale this Spring?

Plan your own awesome garage sale with this BIG List of Tips for a Successful Garage Sale!

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