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Why It May Be Time to Cancel Your Gym Membership

Why It May Be Time to Cancel Your Gym Membership

Why It May Be Time to Cancel Your Gym Membership

I totally agree about using the environment around you. I actually have my own way of getting exercise in while also getting paid to exercise. I signed up to do food deliveries on Postmates (think of it like an Uber for food). Whenever I want to get some exercise, I’ll turn on the Postmates app and bike around town making deliveries. It’s a great way for me to get some exercise, while also making a few bucks!

Wow that is a pretty unique way of getting money and exercising! Would love to hear that story someday.

Seriously good points here Stefan.. and even with a gym membership there is no “instructor” telling you how many reps, what machines to use, encouraging you to keep going… Need a personal trainer for that (even more $$), OR (like you mentioned) you could watch Youtube workouts! They are seriously my holy grail for working out – there’s someone there talking me through it, I’m committing just for the length of the video and usually they try to make it fun (and they’re completely free.. it’s insanely good!). Even walking/jogging outside I find gets boring on my own if that’s my main exercise choice.

We have an alarm that goes off at 10pm every night for our dedicated workout time – and we do Youtube workouts or body weight strength training (push ups, crunches, lunges.. etc etc), using your own body weight to build muscle is definitely one of the best ways, plus we don’t need to buy and find places to store equipment – win win.


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A gym membership certainly does not come with the instructors fees (those are like +50 a month)!

I love your workout routine and dedication. Doing body weight training is perfect for the average person. The only real reason to lift any weights is if you want to put on muscle mass.

Totally agree Stefan, most people don’t utilize their gym membership to its full potential and worth. I’ve never been a member of a gym and instead opted for running and biking outdoors and a few small pieces of home equipment/videos. The savings add up quickly!

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The savings can be astronomical depending on what kind of gym you attend. Outside of swimming I only paid for a gym membership once and it was because my friend kept pushing me to go with him.

I love the idea to start your home gym. It def is an investment that is typically worth it in the long run.

I had both a gym membership and a personal trainer earlier this year and it really added up. I ended up canceling the personal trainer and saved almost $300 per month!

That is a lot of savings! I am sure you realized you could put that money to better use and still enjoy working out for much lower cost.

I have a gym in my apartment building and one at my day job’s building. So there’s no reason for me to have a gym membership. Getting the motivation to actually go to one of them is another story, lol.

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The motivation is the killer haha. If somebody utilized their membership properly that will be totally find but most people go to the gym stand around and watch others, if they actually go. I enjoy working out with somebody else as it gives you that extra push you need.

I definitely agree, Stefan! I used to use my work gym membership and it was only like $19 a month. However, once I found a few walking dvd’s that would help me walk over a mile in my own home, I was out of there and took my money with me too, lol!

Glad you found something that worked for you. Exercising is the important part but there is no need to give away your money for free.

Great article.

I just finished dropping over 20 lbs in 4 weeks on a budget of under 4 dollars a day, I didn’t go to the gym one time.

I increased my push-ups and pull-ups buy over 400%. It was a fun experiment and I plan to be down another 10 before my cuba trip in 2 weeks.

All my exercise was free and in nature (or my back yard).

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Dude that is awesome! Doing those simple exercises can really supercharge your weight loss. Most people believe that cardio burns the most calories but doing weight exercises actually burns more. You just will not look as lean.

That’s a great point about jump rope and an ab wheel. I don’t know if I’m going to be staying in the city after 6 months – 1 year because that’s when my rotations end and I’m going to be placed in another city which is why I haven’t been spending the $35 / month for a gym membership.

I get my exercise just running outside and doing body weight exercises. I like it far better than working out in a gym and it’s saving me a lot of money. I was hoping the company would have a gym set in place, but I guess you can’t get everything in life. They do pay me an extra $800 a year just to work out so can’t resist!

Man you are lucky haha. Working out in a gym can be stuffy and sometimes crowded which makes the outdoors better. My company gives me a fitness stipend as well but we can spend it on anything so I will need to figure out what I want for the home gym!

When it comes to fitness, I’ve utilized a home gym, biking/hiking outside, taekwondo classes and have had a membership at the Y for the last year. The home gym and using the outdoors for exercise have definitely been the most economical choices! While I love to bike and hike outdoors, the home gym didn’t work for me for any extended period of time. My husband and I like to strength train for taekwondo and hold each other accountable for going to the gym at least twice each week. I like the equipment at the gym, but the thing that has made the gym routine stick is that accountability to each other.

I agree, Stefan, if you have a gym membership you aren’t utilizing more than once a week, it may be time to give it up and look for alternatives. The cost does add up quickly and if you aren’t reaping the benefits, looking for more economical alternatives is a great idea.

I just quit the gym! set up my own home gym for less than 500$ it should pay for itself in less than a year. The only thing ill miss is the common conversation starter: “How much do you bench bro?”



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When most people think about getting in shape their first thought is signing up for a gym membership. This is one of the few monthly expenses that many people are comfortable spending their hard earned cash on as it is improving their health.

As many regular readers of this site know, I swam for about 13 years. I started competitive swimming at the age of 8 and swam through college on my varsity team. During my high school years and college career I regularly found myself in the gym for strength training. Being in the gym three times a week I recognized many costly mistakes the average gym member makes.

Here is a snapshot of what happens to the avid fitness conscientious individual in the gym. They start off beaming with determination and regularly go to the gym for several weeks. After the initial high wears off they suddenly realize that they had a particularly busy week so they need to skip a few sessions. The following week they are busy or feel under the weather and skip another couple sessions. They now find themselves going to the gym maybe once a week but still believe it is worth the cost as they are improving their health. Suddenly they find themselves going to the gym maybe once a month and are now wasting money. Having experienced this cycle for many years I believe this is why it may be time to cancel your gym membership.

I get it, you want to get that summer beach body or simply get in shape when you sign up for the gym. The millennial generation are more health conscious than any generation before us but there is no need to throw your money away just to join the trend.

The truth is, you do not need a gym membership to physically healthy or fit. The average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58, and out of that amount, roughly $39 per month is wasted.

This article is not intend for the regular gym member. If you find yourself committed and using your monthly membership to its full potential then keep going! However, if you find yourself lacking commitment and it ends up feeling like a chore you need to reconsider if a gym membership is right for you.

Alternatives to Gym Membership

Use the Environment around You

There are so many free exercise options available that it surprised me when people believe a gym membership is the only route to getting in shape. I understand that there are motivational aspects to working out in a gym but if you are not committed it is not worth the price.

I have found running outside to be far more rewarding than running on a treadmill. Running outdoors allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and the sun as opposed to the stuffy gym. Additionally, running on the road rather than a treadmill burns calories faster and helps you get a better toned lower body. Being outside makes working out more enjoyable and helps get you in shape quicker.

Utilize Social Media for Tutorials

If you are not sure what exercises you need to do or want to know if you are using proper form then you need to go no further than social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. If you were to type in “fitness workouts” on any of these platforms you will find hundreds of videos, images, and tutorials for free!

Start Your Own Home Gym

Many people believe that starting a home gym is costly so they join a gym. This is the furthest thing from the truth! You do not need to be buying the high end treadmill or weights that cost hundreds of dollars just to have a good workout. In fact, you can purchase very simple items and get a full body workout.

Recently I found myself in a Five Below. While browsing around the store I saw that they had a weighted jump rope as well as an ab wheel. I purchased these two items for a total of $10 to use at home. If I combine this with a yoga mat and a set of weights I bought on Amazon, I could easily get a great full body workout for roughly $65. Combining these gym accessories with body weight exercises such as push-ups and abs allows me to work all the muscles I regularly work at the gym for a one-time payment of $65.

Final Thoughts

If you are not a regular gym goer there is no reason to spend $58 a month. You can use these funds and pay down debt, increase your emergency fund, or save for retirement.

There are so many free or more cost effective ways to get your body in shape that a gym membership is simply not worth the cost. The important thing is that you exercise. If you find your commitment towards your gym membership is wavering it may be time to put your money to better use.

By purchasing gym accessories and building my own home gym, combined with outdoor activities, I was able to save $631 in gym membership fees and so can you!

Do you agree that a gym membership is not worth the cost once motivation fades? If so, how do you keep in shape? What other workout alternatives can you think of?

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